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Such Sweet Revenge - ali_aliska
When the Rogues are back in the States after being pardoned, the New Avengers want nothing to do with them and as far as Tony is concerned, if he never speaks to them again, it'll be too soon. After all, he didn't spend the last year putting himself (and his family) back together only for his former co-workers to ruin all of his hard work.

But then he gets a hand-written letter from the Winter Soldier himself, apologizing for the events that transpired and an off-handed comment from Rhodey about Rogers failing to take care of an obviously miserable Bucky Barnes sets in motion Tony's new, oh-so-evil plan to get some payback.

After all, what better revenge than to steal the Winter Soldier away from his best friend?

The only problem: Tony sucks at being vengeful, but apparently he's an expert at inadvertently falling in love.
trauma:mental  newavengers!  slowbuild  wip  trauma:emotional  sweet  characterbashing  depression!  canondivergence  avengers  firsttime  romance  gettingbetter  tonys/buckyb  friendstolovers  c:100-200k  loves  stever/buckyb  canon:civilwar  texting!  tony+peter  unrequitedlove! 
2 days ago by floatondown
Wild - Seefin - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
“No,” Harry said, by way of greeting. Malfoy’s blonde head rose slowly, carelessly. “Get out.”

“I feel as though we’ve already established this, Potter,” Malfoy responded. “And I feel that what we established was that you telling me to get out of places really doesn’t make me more likely to vacate them.”
author:seefin  gettogether  harrypotter  harry/draco  friendstolovers 
10 days ago by thatdamneddame
Full Disclosure - Finely Honed (jaqen_hgar)
Prompt: Our asshole mutual friends set us up on a blind date and didn’t tell us it was a blind date, so instead of getting to know each other we spent the entire ‘date’ scheming against them and decided an awesome way to get back at them would be to pretend to date and then have a horrendous breakup but now that we’re two months into this charade we’re not sure what’s real and what’s fake anymore.

In which Bucky and Tony forget that sex and love are not a game. A game is something you can win.
c:15-50k  developingrelationship  tonys/buckyb  sexy  trauma:sexual  avengers  canondivergence  commitment/intimacyissues!  feelings!  misunderstanding  loves  trauma:emotional  funny  pining  fakedating!  angst+happyending  breakup!  friendstolovers  firsttime 
15 days ago by floatondown
Three wheels of cheese and a Great White by ximeria
Charles and Erik were friends with benefits in college.
They went their separate ways and 18 years later, they run into each other in New York.
The sex was never a problem back in college - and sex was all it had been. But now Erik is a divorced father and Charles has admitted to himself he needs more than just sex in a relationship. So in their usual round-about way they try to navigate becoming friends after so many years. The whole quest is aided by Raven, Edie, Wanda and Pietro (and a large number of shark jokes).
Fic  TTS  X-Men  Slash  Charles/Erik  AU  AUStillHavePowers  Breakup&Makeup  FriendsToLovers  WC:10K-25K  Jun2019 
5 weeks ago by paraka
Brooklyn Baby - sprinkle_of_cinnamon
In which Bucky is just trying to live life and enjoy his unofficial official table at the obnoxiously hipster coffee shop but some guy named Steve stole his spot.

Or, the time that Bucky unintentionally befriended the Avengers and had no idea.
friendstolovers  firsttime  oblivious!  ptsd!  natasha/clint  secretidentity!  stever/buckyb  bucky+clint  funny  veteran!  stucky:cap!steve+seargent!bucky  modern  avengers  c:15-50k  coffeeshop!  disabledvet!  meetcute!  howlingcommandoes!  soldier!/seal!  pining  alternatereality 
5 weeks ago by floatondown
Roots Have Grown - AustinB
Bucky is a mildly agoraphobic veteran with funds to spare, who becomes enamored with the cute blonde guy in his building.

So when Steve mentions needing a roommate to cut down on rent costs, Bucky decides it would be a good idea to volunteer.
recluse!  roommates!  romance  pining  stucky:little!steve+modern!bucky  friendstolovers  avengers  humanau  gettingbetter  giftgiving!  pet-owners!  sweet  protective!  firsttime  c:15-50k  hermit!  stever/buckyb  ptsd!  disabledvet!  fluff 
6 weeks ago by floatondown
Easy Work For Easy Pay - AustinB
Bucky's working his way back up through the ranks at S.H.I.E.L.D. after a mission took his left arm and Stark gave him a new metal one.

So when Fury tasks him with integrating the newly defrosted Captain Rogers into the 21st century, he jumps at the promotion.
alternatereality  stever/buckyb  developingrelationship  drama  workplaceromance!  disability:physical!  firsttime  amnesia!  stucky:cap!steve+modern!bucky  avengers  loves  angst+happyending  romance  ptsd!  friendstolovers  teamfic  pining  soldier!/seal!  gettingbetter  c:15-50k  sweet  fbi!/cia!  slowbuild  engaged!  fluff 
6 weeks ago by floatondown
What You Don't Know Won't Hurt You - phlintandsteel
AU: Tony's secretly an empath, and when he encounters Bucky--could be same time as canon, could be much earlier--what he senses from him is so awful that he can't bear not to try to help.
Concept: Bucky is a giant nerd. He loves science and machines and space, and as he recovers those parts of himself he realizes that he's LIVING IN THE FUTURE and it's SO COOL. The coolest thing he's seen so far? The Iron Man suit.
buckyrehab!  canondivergence  stever-tonyfight  slowbuild  scientist!  avengers  tonys/buckyb  c:-15k  empath!  friendstolovers  sweet  firsttime  gettingbetter  mutant!  powers!  mentalhealthissues 
6 weeks ago by floatondown
Not Another Supersoldier Fantasy - triedunture - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Bucky finds a popular sex toy modeled on Captain America's own anatomy. Well, isn't this just perfect? Because even after all this time, he still hasn’t seen Steve’s supersoldier cock. But apparently in this day and age anyone with $29.95 can get a decent replica. The unfairness of this is of galactic proportions. (Words: 16462)
rating:explicit  pairing:james"bucky"barnes/steverogers  romanticcomedy  friendstolovers  unrequitedlove  bisexualcharacter  asexualcharacter  transcharacter  deafclintbarton  mentalhealthissues  sextoys  dildos  masturbation  bottomsteverogers  second-handembarrassment  post-captainamerica:thewintersoldier 
6 weeks ago by cas3y5
The Settler - charlesdk
“What do you want to do?”

Steve pauses and looks at them.

What he wants is to stay with them. He doesn't have any family left, they all died before he even joined the war and became... this. Captain America turned whatever he is now. But Natasha and Sam have become his family over the years. Not just because they're on the run together, fugitives and vigilantes, but way before that too.

He doesn't want to leave that.

But he knows that, realistically, he can't stay with them and they can't stay with him.

So he looks at them with a smile and lies. “I don't know.”

OR; In which Steve retires and finally finds a place to call home.
c:50-100k  traumaaftermath  characterstudy  ptsd!  gettingbetter  lovely  developingrelationship  ohana!  loves  pining  alternatereality  stucky:cap!steve+modern!bucky  firsttime  smalltown!  baker!  avengers  stever/buckyb  retired!  farm!  friendstolovers 
8 weeks ago by floatondown
Don't Leave Me Asunder - maikurosaki
Like many other war veterans, Bucky Barnes is alone. He doesn't talk to his family, he has no friends and his only human interactions are with his cleaning crew from Avengers Tower. Plagued by nightmares and pain, he lives each day in isolation. Until the Avengers bring their fight at home and Bucky gets to meet the famous Captain America. To his surprise, both their lives change forever after that.

Or: the janitor listening to music and ignoring the battle around him AU that no one asked for.
disability:physical!  emotionalhurt/comfort  depression!  alternatereality  firsttime  friendships  c:15-50k  pining  angst+happyending  mentalhealthissues  disabledvet!  stever/buckyb  modernau!  sweet  avengers  ptsd!  friendstolovers 
10 weeks ago by floatondown
The First Mistake - AvengersBarnes
Heimdall is sent back in time to help the Avengers stopped Thanos. He's sent back to the very beginning, Time believes it all went wrong with two soldiers from Brooklyn who should never have been separated for 70 years.

Or The Catfa rewrite that nobody asked for.
developingrelationship  bestfriends!  friendstolovers  time:1900wars  mcu  romance  c:50-100k  pining  canondivergence  wip  timewarp!  avengers  1940sboyfriends!  firsttime  stever/buckyb  fix-it  war!  lgbtq:homophobia! 
12 weeks ago by floatondown
If You Let Me - pinlilli - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
Steve always thought it was silly how easily girls fell for Bucky, even though they must have known he would only break their hearts. Told himself that he would require more than a few sweet words and a cocky grin. But thinking that while watching Bucky charm his way into a girl’s bed for the night is completely different from being on the receiving end of it.Bucky teaches Steve how to flirt. (Words: 6900)
rating:mature  pairing:james"bucky"barnes/steverogers  pre-war  pre-serumsteverogers  firstkiss  firsttime  handjobs  insecuresteverogers  oblivioussteverogers  mutualpining  petnames  misunderstandings  friendstolovers  post-captainamerica:civilwar(movie)  shysteverogers  virginsteverogers 
april 2019 by cas3y5
The secret language of plants - Endrina
“Just… tell me. Tell me what is going on, Snape.”
What was going on was that Severus Snape had no trouble tracking down one Petunia Evans, now Dursley, to a little town in Surrey where he saw how exactly she was treating her nephew. Which somehow led to last night and Severus knocking on Lupin’s door with a toddler half-asleep in his arms.
lovely  longtimespan  hp  alternatereality  friendstolovers  char:severus  severus/remus  harry+remus  slowbuild  harry+severus  family!  firsttime  c:200-400k  sweet  they'rekids!  pregnancy  char:remus  secrets!  adopt!/takecareof! 
april 2019 by floatondown
can't be hateful, gotta be grateful - HalfFizzbin - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
"Be cool, Dad, we've decided to con Grandma."
(Or, the one where the Stilinski men drag Derek to Thanksgiving dinner at Grandma's and she gets the right wrong idea.) (Words: 6260)
rating:teenandupaudiences  pairing:derekhale/stilesstilinski  fake/pretendrelationship  holidays  thanksgiving  pining  oblivious  futurefic  friendstolovers  firstkiss  firsttime  pecanpie  intimidatingpolishgrandma  stiles'firstname  derekinasweater  stilinskifeels  fluff 
march 2019 by cas3y5
Anything you want - obsessivereader - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
If Steve still did that sort of thing, he’d be praying to God and all the saints in heaven that Bucky doesn’t shift any further back on his lap, because if he does, he’s going to get poked in back of the head by Steve’s erect cock. This is not what he was expecting when he offered to work with Bucky and his therapist on the whole touching thing. (Words: 1384)
Part 1 of the The accidental series series
rating:mature  pairing:james"bucky"barnes/steverogers  friendstolovers  firstkiss  accidentalstimulation  post-captainamerica:thewintersoldier  fluff  gettingtogether 
march 2019 by cas3y5
at last (life is like a song) - obsessivereader - Captain America (Movies) [Archive of Our Own]
What do you do when you’re a hundred years old and suddenly realise you want to bone your best friend? If you’re Bucky Barnes, you swear a lot and spend way too much time in denial. Good thing for Bucky his best friend’s never one to avoid a problem when he can run headlong at it. (Words: 8831)
rating:explicit  pairing:james"bucky"barnes/steverogers  pairing:james"bucky"barnes&natasharomanov  pairing:james"bucky"barnes&clintbarton  pastsharoncarter/steverogers  friendswithbenefits  friendstolovers  firstkiss  pastpeggycarter/steverogers  post-captainamerica:thewintersoldier  notcaptainamerica:civilwar(movie)compliant  fluff  povbuckybarnes  bisexualsteverogers  bisexualbuckybarnes  gettingtogether  obliviousbucky 
march 2019 by cas3y5
Magic Never Dies - Lynney
Living in Grimmauld Place during their should-have-been 7th year, Harry, Hermione, and Ron face changing relationships, a different type of Horcrux hunt, and learn the true power of Lily’s sacrifice.
villain:voldemort  animagus!  dumbledore!good  7thyear  horcruxes!  canondivergence  sexy  hp  firsttime  loves  developingrelationship  friendstolovers  lovely  snape:grey  c:100-200k  ron/luna  magic!  war!  firstsexexperience  harry/hermione 
march 2019 by floatondown

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pairing:james"bucky"barnes&natasharomanov  pairing:james"bucky"barnes/steverogers  parksandrecreation  pastpeggycarter/steverogers  pastsharoncarter/steverogers  pecanpie  penny/leonard  pet-owners!  petnames!  petnames  pg-13  physicallyhurt!jared  pining!jared  pining!jensen  pining  pirates  podsaveamerica  poirot  pornwithplot  pornworker!  possessive  post-captainamerica:civilwar(movie)  post-captainamerica:thewintersoldier  povbuckybarnes  powers!  pre-serumsteverogers  pre-war  pregnancy  pretendrelationship  protective!  protective!jensen  ptsd!  public!sex  puck/rachel  pwp  r-rated  r  rarepairing  rating:explicit  rating:mature  rating:nc-17  rating:r  rating:teenandupaudiences  read  recluse!  regency  relationship:firsttime  retired!  rimming  roadtrip  roadtrips  romance  romanticcomedy  ron/luna  roommates!  roughsex  rpf  rps  ryanbergara/shanemadej  scientist!  scott/logan  second-handembarrassment  secretdating!  secretidentity!  secrets!  seguin/bergeron  selfharm  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