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lunixbochs/ActualVim: Sublime Text 3 input mode using Neovim
Everything you like about using Sublime Text 3, and everything you like about typing in vim.

Actual uses an embedded Neovim instance to accurately manipulate each Sublime Text buffer as though you were editing the text directly in vim, while the Sublime Text interface, features, and plugins continue to work (see end of README for caveats).

This isn't a remote terminal UI like gvim and other vim frontends. Text modification and selections are bidirectionally synced into the actual Sublime Text UI.
vim  plugin  gui  github  opensource  freeware  commercialsoftware 
5 days ago by ezequiel
GitHub - jarun/nnn: The fastest terminal file manager ever written.
:dolphin: The fastest terminal file manager ever written. - jarun/nnn
linux  software  files  explorer  freeware 
5 days ago by kger
SubEthaEdit 5. Code, Write, Edit. Together.
Der Texteditor SubEthaEdit ist seit der Version 5 Freeware.
Mit ihm kann man kollaborativ Texte oder Code schreiben.
software  app  mac  editor  kolaborativ  schreiben  code  freeware 
9 days ago by salomon74

Locate files and folders by name instantly.
software  freeware  tools 
11 days ago by mandoisland
Everything | heise Download
Everything ist ein Suchwerkzeug für NTFS-Dateisysteme. Die Software bietet indizierte Datei- und Ordnersuche mit Echtzeit-Updates und überschaubarer Benutzeroberfläche. Everything unterstützt Wildcards und RegEx für Suchbegriffe. Für die deutsche Version muss ein zusätzliches Language Pack heruntergeladen werden. Das Tool ist für die private Nutzung kostenlos und zudem auch als portable Version erhältlich.
software  freeware 
11 days ago by mandoisland
Free VMWare ESXi backup solution, fully functional
Back up ESXi Free with free software. Incremental - 2018-11-26
virtual  backup  Software  freeware 
13 days ago by wellsa
Nirsoft - View any installed/connected USB device on your system
Very powerful utility for viewing disconnecting and connecting USB devices - 2018-11-21
usb  utilities  freeware  5star 
18 days ago by wellsa
Easy File Locker XOSLAB.COM
Excellent free file and folder locker utility. Runs on Windows and Windows Server. Lock and hide folders and allow exceptions for selected programs to write to the locked folders. Highlight a folder in the interface and check the box by a program added to the Exception list. - 2018-11-15
5star  utilities  freeware  security 
24 days ago by wellsa
Home — FSPro Labs
My Lockbox freeware (not for Windows Server) can lock and hide folders and allow specified programs to write to the folder without encrypting the folder. It can also lock and hide individual files. Freeware for home use only. Hide Folders is commercial - $39.95 - and runs on Windows and Windows Server. Other commercial encryption utilities are offered - 2018-11-15
secuity  Software  freeware  utilities  5star  encryption 
24 days ago by wellsa
My Lockbox - Hide, lock, password protect a folder in Windows
Protect or lock folders yet allow trusted processes to write to them. Freeware protects 1 folder with unlimited subfolders - 2018-11-13
secuity  software  freeware  encryption 
26 days ago by wellsa

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