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How to install NextCloud 14/15 on FreeNAS 11.2 in an iocage jail with hardened security - Samuel Dowling
This is an in-depth guide detailing the installation of Nextcloud 14 in a FreeNAS iocage jail, with special attention paid to hardening jail security
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4 days ago by morwyn
Diagnosing random reboots | FreeNAS Community
Hi everybody,

I've recently been battling some issues with random reboots of my FreeNAS system. I've had two so far this month. I've been using FreeNAS...
freenas  conference  howto 
11 days ago by DawMatt
Changing the Default Boot Environment - Creating and Administering Oracle Solaris 11 Boot Environments
Creating and Administering Oracle Solaris 11 Boot Environments provides instructions about using the beadm1M utility to create and administer multiple boot environments on your Oracle Solaris system.
freenas  configuration  howto 
11 days ago by DawMatt
Multiple network interfaces on a single subnet - FreeNAS Community
We've had a number of people over the years bring up the topic of multiple network interfaces on a single subnet.

Often done by Windows administrators or storage admins, where it works to varying degrees, this is sadly not proper IP networking practice.

Multiple interfaces on a single network (broadcast domain) is officially supported by LACP. You configure a single lagg interface with several Ethernet interfaces and that will work. The interface shows up to the OS as a single connection to the network.

Multiple IP addresses on a single subnet are supported through IP aliases. You do not need multiple physical interfaces on the network. Multiple physical interfaces on the same network may not work the way you anticipate.

You can place the network IP and aliases on a LACP link and that works.

LACP has some limitations in that packets are not "load balanced." Packets for a given destination are deterministically routed out a specific interface in order to prevent out-of-order packet delivery. This means LACP is probably not useful for small deployments (less than 10 hosts, maybe) but is a massive win with large numbers of busy clients.

Now there will invariably be some people who will say ... "WRONG! I know that multiple interfaces are legal!" At which we come to an impasse about what kind-of works versus what actually happens. People see things like the term "bind to the IP address". What most people want this to mean is that when you bind to an IP address that's assigned to a specific card, traffic goes in/out that card. This doesn't happen. Sorry.

I don't actually care to debate with you why you feel multiple non-LACP interfaces "should" work a certain way. I don't actually care if you think it worked for you under Windows or on some storage platform. I'm here to document the way it works on FreeBSD, Linux, Apple, and most other UNIX variants. I didn't make these design decisions but I am spending some time here to help you understand them. So please don't belabor the point.
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17 days ago by dusko

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