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Best Freelance Tools - Bonsai
See what thousands of the top freelance designers and developers use to run their businesses successfully. Includes everything from freelance project management to invoicing and payments.
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yesterday by thehangedman
“You can hire just about anyone…” | Seth's Blog
You can fill your day as a freelancer taking easily accessible work from clients who simply want you to meet spec.

Or you can build a career as a freelancer by getting better clients.

Websites that offer lowest common denominator jobs for freelancers (like Fiverr, Uber, ZocDoc, Mechanical Turk etc.) are focused on the generic. They intentionally blur the identities of the people doing the work–a simple star rating, a measure of reliability, that’s all.

These are easy jobs to get. If you’re the cheapest, you’ll be busy all day.

But is being cheap and busy the point?

Because that’s a race to the bottom. And the problem is that you might win that race. You’re not generic, so why act that way?

The alternative is to be distinct. To be uniquely you. To bring a point of view to the work, one that is worth seeking out, paying for and remarking on.

It is the difference between, “what do you need me to do?” and “I can offer you this.” It is the difference between being handy and being indispensable.

Why is this so difficult? Two reasons:

The first problem is that the typical client doesn’t want that. The typical client wants cheap and reliable. And you’re not going to persuade the typical client to change his or her mind. Which means that if you’re going to do your best work, you’ll need to send the typical client to someone else.

The second problem is that it takes guts to be specific. To stand for something. To turn down mediocre work for clients that will settle for mediocre. It takes guts to have a point of view, a protocol, and a skill set. It takes guts to make a stand.

Your day is priceless. You only get it once. And then another chance tomorrow. Your career is what you invest in it, and if you spend your days building a career that consists of doing reliable work by being the lowest bidder, you’ve bought yourself a job that’s hardly rewarding or steady.

The alternative, the one you deserve, is to find better clients. Not to resent your ordinary clients, but to focus your energy and your passion earning better ones.
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5 days ago by loganyork
Everything I know about freelancing
You’ve probably read a lot about freelancing: Feast and famine. Where to find clients. How much to charge. These topics are fundamental, but it seems like most freelancers burn out before they get over these hurdles. Can freelancing be a stable, long-term career?
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13 days ago by neilscott
Has anybody here used working as a freelancer as a stepping stone to build another type of business?
Yes. Freelance designer/developer.

Was a marketing director for a community bank making $50k. Did freelance at night when the wife and kids went to bed. Started at 1-3 hours a week. $70/hr. Then it went to every night 9pm-2am, then, woke up at 6:30 and did another hour before I went to my full-time job. Started building recurring revenue through website hosting, then started managing search and Facebook campaigns. Then, all business started coming from referrals and I️ had to start turning people away. Worked my butt of and my body was shutting down (at 28 lol) because I️ was overworking myself....but I️ tripled what I️ was making at my full-time job. Finally made the decision to go out on my own and start an agency. Even though I️ had a big book of business, was still scared, but you get over it and it’s very rewarding.

My advice: Work your tail off. Be nice. Don’t overpromise and underdeliver. Meet deadlines. Take clients to lunch/coffee Write thank you cards Find time to provide your services to nonprofits

Message me if you have any other questions or want to chat. Good luck!
13 days ago by gdubz
How to use upwork


Probably just as you're imagining- the way I usually describe it is the commercial side of the business catching up in some ways to the technical side, using technology to automate repetitive tasks (think follow-up emails based on clicks vs no clicks, lead scoring, dynamic content, mini conversions, etc).

In the last couple of years, it's taken some big leaps forward. For example, I can use a tool like HubSpot or Marketo and place dynamic content in any stage of the buyer journey, so that if/when/how it's viewed is determined by the customer segment (which is "smart" in and of itself and always changing based on any criteria I want) and different activity-based triggers (think Prospect A and Prospect B visit same URL, but see different messaging and Calls-to-Action based on their behavior- same in emails, landing pages, in-app, etc).

There really isn't any step in the lifecycle anymore that you couldn't do this with if you had enough data- which is why there's such a boom at the moment. Major marketing departments can have someone like me and one or two fairly inexpensive tools and boom: the vast majority of this is done and automated. The tools can be quite complex, so the older higher-ups want nothing to do with it, while those just starting out couldn't possibly put everything together yet.

It puts people like me (5+ years using these systems) in a really good spot right now. My 'bubble' of being in high-demand has probably 18-24 months left before it pops, so I take advantage of it while I can.
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14 days ago by gdubz

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