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How I’ve Attracted The First 500 Paid Users For My SaaS That Costs $5/mo
Hello, it’s Takuya here. This is a story about my experience on my solo product called Inkdrop — a Markdown note-taking app with built-in cloud sync. It is a SaaS that earns $3,200 per month from 600…
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5 days ago by swanand
Working in Libraries Under Late Capitalism: A Review — Study Hall
In his 2000 book Bowling Alone, sociologist Robert Putnam maligns a decades-long decline in participation in civic organizations and social activities like bowling leagues. Putnam worries that the diminishment of these community groups will mean a worrisome drop in “social capital,” and a resultant unraveling of democracy. But today, it seems Putnam has it backwards; it’s the decline in literal capital and our oligarchic faux-democracy that’s forcing the cannibalization of community spaces. As cities further bifurcate into playgrounds for the rich on one side and hostile marketplaces for underpaid contractors on the other, libraries remain one one of the last free bastions of communal space. And yet we are — I am — turning them into spaces for that same precarious labor, instead of community building.
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12 days ago by jbrennan
How to get clients in 6 ways - I Will Teach You To Be Rich
Beginner clients
When it comes to finding clients, I’m frequently inundated with questions from new freelancers along the lines of, “How do I get a dozen clients in my roster??”

My answer: Get one client.

Freelancers are so wrapped up in attaining as many clients as possible that they ignore the importance of attaining your first few clients and then scaling from there.
freelancing  client-acquisition  ramit-sethi  how-to-start-a-business  side-hustle 
13 days ago by lwhlihu
Citrix Receiver for Mac can have keyboard layout issues
Connecting from an Apple Mac device to a Citrix XenApp/XenDesktop session: default behavior for the keyboard layout is pass-through. How to solve this?
tools  freelancing  citrix 
16 days ago by mcflash99
Lead Generation on Twitter - 10 Steps to Grow Your Business
Twitter is where conversations happen. With a mammoth 336 million monthly active users, Twitter reigns as one of the most popular platforms for micro...
20 days ago by kger
How to get more clients as a freelance developer –
Whenever a conversation about freelancing kicks off with fellow developer friends, we’re always discussing the same concerns: When I got started as a freelancer a few years ago, I made a lot of…
20 days ago by kger

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