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RT : Explore our new global metric on . We find freedom of expression declined steeply over past 3 y…
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6 days ago by BiteTheDust
Microsoft nearly banned Gab over post saying Jews should be raised as livestock | Ars Technica
> Microsoft Azure cloud computing service threatened to stop hosting Gab, a self-described "free speech social network," unless the site deleted two anti-Semitic posts made by a neo-Nazi who previously ran for a US Senate seat.
NeoNazism  Azure  FreedomOfExpression  CloudComputing  socialNetworking  news  antiSemitism 
august 2018 by MaxBarraclough
RT : Reduced affordable access to the internet is a direct attack on and both…
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july 2018 by BeckyFaith
Focus area: Democracy and Freedom of Speech - Postkodstiftelsen
Choosing Democracy and Freedom of Speech as one of our areas of focus for 2018 was an obvious choice.

Not only because it is an election year in Sweden and different areas of the world, but also because of the negative development that has been occurring throughout the world.
Challenges regarding restricted freedom of speech and alternative facts are more relevant than ever, leading to threats against journalists, activists, and artists around the world.

Therefore, The Swedish Postcode Foundation wants to focus on initiatives that contribute to freedom of speech and press. We are interested in finding projects that prevent distrust and threats to different social actors and representatives of free speech. We are also interested in supporting local as well as global initiatives on both grassroots and higher levels in order to promote positive social impact by targeting censorship, propaganda, and alternative facts from different perspectives.
sweden  funders  philanthropy  grantmaking  journalism  democracy  freedomofexpression 
june 2018 by sdp
No pen, no paper, no voice should be a threat to society. Everyone has the right to and opinio…
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may 2018 by dalcrose
RT : Too few companies prioritize users’ and rights. Learn more in ’ latest…
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april 2018 by Surliminal
European internet filter will destroy your : Stop it now! …
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february 2018 by jubois
Amazed that European Commission rejected Special Rapporteur from this expert gr…
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january 2018 by schee
When is sensored. When is controlled. When people in power limit our scope of
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december 2017 by Vince
What ‘Snowflakes’ Get Right About Free Speech
'Free speech' as the ability to say anything you want vs. 'free speech' as the ability for all to participate equally in public discourse. (Summary via @leftoblique on Twitter)
rights  freespeech  firstamendment  source:nyt  debate  freedomofexpression 
april 2017 by djwudi
Fojo Media Institute - Fojo International
Fojo’s mandate is to strengthen free, independent and professional journalism.
Our support can target a local university that offers basic courses in journalism, an NGO that defends the rights of journalists and freedom of expression, editorial staff that strive to improve editorial routines, or a media institute that systematically attempts to improve journalism. To assist building national capacity is the key to a long-term sustainable media development. Together we develop journalism.

Independent media institutions are important for the development of journalism and a free press. National media institutes provide meeting places for journalists where they can research, produce and file stories. The institutes arrange training for journalists, promote self-regulation and advocate a free and responsible media. Over the years, Fojo has assisted the establishment of media institutes in several countries.

Media in conflict areas face particular challenges. Editors are often appointed on political merits and reporters that try to publish balanced and impartial journalism are discouraged, or even killed, by the conflicting parties.

Underground media plays an important role in the process towards establishing democracy in countries where open and independent media institutions are not allowed. Fojo supports underground and independent media in order to build up a high quality of journalism, to enhance the capacity of media and to promote openness and democracy.
freedomofexpression  journalism  mediadev  sweden 
february 2017 by sdp
Free Speech
In five essays, author and expert on free speech Timothy Garton Ash examines one of the most hotly debated subjects of our time.
meinungsfreiheit  podcast  hate-speech  FreeSpeech  Öffentlichkeit  freedomofexpression 
october 2016 by amprekord

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