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Cloudflare Kicking 'Daily Stormer' is Bad News For Pirate Sites - TorrentFreak
For several years CloudFlare has stood up to pressure from copyright holders, both in and out of court. The entertainment industry repeatedly urged the company to take action against the Pirate Bays of this world, and Cloudflare refused time and again, stressing that it doesn't "monitor, evaluate or judge" content on its clients' websites. That argument is now dead.
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16 hours ago by pankkake
Facebook shut down an anonymous group used by its Trump-supporting employees after people started harassing one another
An online discussion group inside Facebook in which employees talked anonymously turned ugly and was ultimately shut down last year after the divisiveness of the US presidential election transformed the forum into a hub for political comments that alarmed management, according to several people familiar with the matter.

The internal group, named Facebook Anon, was created in May 2015 as a way for employees to freely share concerns and opinions about the workplace. But Facebook shut the group down in December 2016 for what CEO Mark Zuckerberg later described as spreading harassment.

While never pitched as a forum specifically for conservatives, Facebook Anon became heavily used by right-leaning employees in the months surrounding Trump’s election, several people with knowledge of the group said. Just before the election, a poster advertising the group on Facebook’s campus read "Trump Supporters Welcome."
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17 hours ago by juliusbeezer
"Freedom is what you do with what's been done to you." – Jean-Paul Sartre
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2 days ago by estreitinho
"As a human being, I have no predefined nature at all. I create that nature through what I choose to do. Of course I may be influenced by my biology, or by aspects of my culture and personal backgroun...
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2 days ago by estreitinho
NYTimes: Why Women Had Better Sex Under Socialism
A comparative sociological study of East and West Germans conducted after reunification in 1990 found that Eastern women had twice as many orgasms as Western women
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2 days ago by gideonite
When Privatization Means Segregation: The History of School Vouchers
This stance fits a marked pattern in Friedman’s policy positions, flowing from his extreme libertarian ideology, which extends well beyond private school vouchers. He opposed the prohibition of job discrimination against African-Americans, because the white owners of businesses must be able to exercise their property rights in whatever ways they choose, even if those ways are discriminatory. He opposed the proscription of racial discrimination in housing, because the white owners of rental properties must be able to exercise their property rights in whatever ways they choose, even if those ways are discriminatory. And he opposed the section of the 1964 Civil Rights Act that prohibited discrimination in public accommodations (restaurants, hotels, and places of entertainment), because the white owners of such establishments must be able to exercise their property rights in whatever ways they choose, even if those ways are discriminatory. In each case, he would announce his moral distaste for racial discrimination and segregation, and then oppose measures against them. Property rights always took precedence.
Friedman’s own words on this subject need no embellishment. In Capitalism and Freedom, he declared that legislation chartering the Fair Employment Practices Commission, the forerunner of the federal government’s Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, is the same, in principle, as Hitler’s Nuremburg Laws. This is breathtaking: Friedman is establishing a moral equivalency between Nazi laws that institutionalized anti-Semitism and laid the foundation for the genocide of Germany’s Jews and American laws that redressed racial discrimination in employment, because he finds both to be “coercive” violations of individual property rights—the former by mandating discrimination, the latter by prohibiting it. African Americans have experienced real analogues to the Nuremburg Laws—most notably, enslavement; centuries of brutal violence, rape, and lynching; and Jim Crow de jure segregation—but only the most doctrinaire and myopic of ideologies could find one in legislation designed to overcome a part of that legacy by banning racial discrimination in employment.
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7 days ago by sampenrose
Tolerance is not a moral precept – Extra Newsfeed
The title of this essay should disturb you. We have been brought up to believe that tolerating other people is one of the things you do if you’re a nice person — whether we learned this in…
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9 days ago by craigrosa
Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs vs. The Max Neef Model of Human Scale development
"Maslow wanted to understand what motivated people , in order to accomplish that he studied the various needs of people and created a hierarchy out of those needs. The idea was that the needs that belong towards the end of the Pyramid are Deficit Needs/ Basic Needs (Physiological, safety, love/belonging, esteem) and Growth Needs (Self Actualization).

One must satisfy lower level basic needs before progressing on to meet higher level growth needs. Once these needs have been reasonably satisfied, one may be able to reach the highest level called self-actualization.


The strongest criticism of this theory is based on the way this theory was formed. In order to create a definition of Self Actualization, Maslow identified 18 people as Self Actualizers and studied their characteristics, this is a very small percentage of people. Secondly there are artists, philosophers who do not meet the basic needs but show signs of Self Actualization.

One of the interesting ways of looking at theories that I learned in class was how a person’s place and identity impacts the work he/ she does. Maslow was from US, a capitalist nation, therefore his model never looks at group dynamics or the social aspect.

Contemporary research by Tay & Diener (2011) has tested Maslow’s theory by analyzing the data of 60,865 participants from 123 countries, representing every major region of the world. The survey was conducted from 2005 to 2010.
Respondents answered questions about six needs that closely resemble those in Maslow’s model: basic needs (food, shelter); safety; social needs (love, support); respect; mastery; and autonomy. They also rated their well-being across three discrete measures: life evaluation (a person’s view of his or her life as a whole), positive feelings (day-to-day instances of joy or pleasure), and negative feelings (everyday experiences of sorrow, anger, or stress).

The results of the study support the view that universal human needs appear to exist regardless of cultural differences. However, the ordering of the needs within the hierarchy was not correct.
“Although the most basic needs might get the most attention when you don’t have them,” Diener explains, “you don’t need to fulfill them in order to get benefits [from the others].” Even when we are hungry, for instance, we can be happy with our friends. “They’re like vitamins,” Diener says about how the needs work independently. “We need them all.”

Source :


Max Neef Model of Human Scale Development

Manfred max- Neef is a Chilean Economist. He defines the model as a taxonomy of human needs and a process by which communities can identify their “wealths” and “poverties” according to how these needs are satisfied.

He describes needs as being constant through all cultures and across historical time periods. The thing that changes with time and across cultures is the way that these needs are satisfied. According to the model human needs are to be understood as a system i.e. they are interrelated and interactive.

According to Max Neef the fundamental needs of humans are

• subsistence
• protection
• affection
• understanding
• participation
• leisure
• creation
• identity
• freedom

Max-Neef further classifies Satisfiers (ways of meeting needs) as follows.

1. Violators: claim to be satisfying needs, yet in fact make it more difficult to satisfy a need.

2. Pseudo Satisfiers: claim to be satisfying a need, yet in fact have little to no effect on really meeting such a need.

3. Inhibiting Satisfiers: those which over-satisfy a given need, which in turn seriously inhibits the possibility of satisfaction of other needs.

4. Singular Satisfiers: satisfy one particular need only. These are neutral in regard to the satisfaction of other needs.

5. Synergistic Satisfiers: satisfy a given need, while simultaneously contributing to the satisfaction of other needs.

It is interesting to note that Max-Neef came from Chile which was a socialist nation and therefore his model was more inclusive by considering society at large.

Hi, this article is a part of a series of articles I am writing while studying Design Led Innovation at Srishti Institute of Art, Design & Technology. They are meant to be reflections on things I learn or read about during this time.I look forward to any feedback or crit that you can provide. :)"
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12 days ago by robertogreco
Bassel Khartabil, In Memoriam | Electronic Frontier Foundation
Bassel Khartabil, the Syrian open source developer, blogger, entrepreneur, hackerspace founder, and free culture advocate, has been executed by the Syrian authorities.
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12 days ago by mirthe

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