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GitHub: Freebase MQL
examples, documentation, omparison to GraphQL
march 2019 by SeanDonna
Basic Concepts  |  Freebase  |  Google Developers
A type is a conceptual container of related properties commonly needed to describe a certain aspect of a topic.
A topic can be assigned one or more types (the default type being /common/topic)
As properties are grouped into types, types are grouped into domains.
Domains, types, and properties are given IDs in a namespace/key hierarchy.
Common well-known topics are given IDs in the /en namespace, which are human-readable English strings.
Topics are uniquely identified within Freebase by GUIDs.
Properties are multi-value by default, and multi-value properties and single-value properties can be queried in the same way.
Examples of the types of topics found in Freebase:
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march 2018 by Audiences
freebase : Scott Meyer's "A Brief Tour of Graphd"
graphd was Freebase's in-house datastore: this has some details
freebase  database  triplestore 
february 2017 by SeanDonna
Freebase is dead, long live Freebase — Medium
Not all publishers of data, in fact very few, adhere to the rules of Linked Open Data and the Semantic Web. Instead, most published data lives in text files, Excel spreadsheets and database dumps; it is often erroneous, ambiguous and incomplete. In short much data is messy and not usable without much effort being spent on tidying it up. It became apparent that much of the community contributing bulk data to Freebase were struggling with these problems and there existed no good method to deal with it. From this struggle arose Gridworks, later renamed to OpenRefine, an open source tool started in collaboration between Metaweb’s employees — notably David Huynh and Stefano Mazzocchi — and Freebase’s developer community. This open source desktop-based software allows anyone to open a file filled with data, and visually inspect problem data. Freebase further decreased the barrier to contributing data to its database and in return provided a novel tool which can be used in a diverse number of ways.
openrefine  freebase 
june 2016 by bikesandbooks
Freebase is a community-curated database of well-known people, places and things.
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april 2016 by zacanger

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