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How To Nuke The Porn Industry And Save The American Family | The Daily Caller
"This Is Not A Free Speech Issue

First, though, porn is not speech. It is fundamentally different than media protected as speech. When free speech libertarians and the pornography lobby fight back against pro-family policy, pro-family advocates should not cede the free speech ground to them.

Unlike a Scorsese film or a newspaper, both of which are consumed for artistic enjoyment or enlightenment, pornography is consumed with an outside end in mind: orgasm and masturbation. Its primary purpose is not entertainment (in any colloquial sense of the word) or enlightenment. In this sense, pornography is just a tool, like any other product, and can be regulated like any other product.

Don’t let the pornography lobby and libertarians frame this as a free speech issue. It isn’t one."
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