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Startup School
Browse through previous lessons by Startup School teachers and mentors
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5 hours ago by stechico
Kostenloses multilinguales Wörterbuch und Synonymdatenbank
language  database  translation  dictionaries  online  synonyms  free 
10 hours ago by navegador
Computer Networking : Principles, Protocols and Practice
Looks interesting. Will I have time? Getting long in the tooth.
computer  networking  book  pdf  free 
10 hours ago by brentfarwick
Open Textbook Library
Not a general algos book. More a book about graphics and geometry algos. Pascal style pseudocode examples.
free  textbook  algorithms  graphics  geometry 
11 hours ago by brentfarwick
Open Textbook Library
Less crap. These books are all reviewed by professors. They are either free or low cost.
books  textbooks  free  open 
11 hours ago by brentfarwick
Subjects - OpenStax
Peer-reviewed. Openly licensed. 100% free.
learning  ebook  free  textbook  book  buch  lernbuch 
12 hours ago by habi
Dashboarding & Data Visualization Tools - Google Data Studio
Unlock the power of your data with interactive dashboards and engaging reports that inspire smarter business decisions. It’s easy and free.

See what’s in it for you.
Unite your data in one place.
Easily connect your data from spreadsheets, Analytics, Google Ads, Google BigQuery and more.

Explore the data.
Transform your raw data into the metrics and dimensions needed to create easy-to-understand reports and dashboards — no code or queries required.

Tell impactful stories.
Create and share engaging reports and visualizations that tell the story for you.

Empower your teams.
Arm people with the knowledge of your marketing data so they can focus more on what matters.
google  dashboard  statistics  data  free 
15 hours ago by mandarine

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