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Freedom Isn't Free
> Free software arose out of the desire to decommodify data, to contest the idea of treating information as property. Of course, the movement’s ability to fulfill this desire was hampered by a lack of political analysis and historical context. Crucially, free software advocates neglected to recognize information as simply the latest battlefield in a centuries-old story of capital accumulation, as capital discovers new engines of profit-making and new areas of our common life to enclose.

> the radical undertones of open source didn’t just come out of nowhere, and they’re not unique to software. Instead, open source is simply a response to the very real contradictions that abound when property rights are applied to information. Where it fails is by offering an easy way out—by creating a microcosm, itself commodified, that suspends intellectual property conventions on a small scale, without ever presenting a viable alternative to the wider intellectual property regime required under capitalism.

> The only way to set information “free” is to restructure the economy such that information production can be free, with contributors no longer needing to get paid for their work because crucial goods like housing, transport and food are available as free public services. In other words, truly decommodifying information will require decommodifying the things we need to survive in order to produce that information. To make markets less dominant in software, we must make them less dominant everywhere else.

> Ultimately, there is an irreconcilable incompatibility between the idea of free information and the existence of corporations that profit from its commodification. The battle to make information free is the battle for an entirely different world, one characterized by public luxury—an abundance of commons, and a corresponding dearth of parasitic corporations extracting rent by enclosing ones and zeroes.
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8 weeks ago by tarakc02
Concerns to software freedom when packaging deep-learning based appications.
«I just noticed that one of us tries to package deep-learning based
application, specifically it is AlphaGo-Zero based. However, this raised my concern about software freedom. Since mankind relys on artificial intelligence more and more, I think I should raise this topic on -devel.»
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10 weeks ago by brennen
Aequitas – Center for Data Science and Public Policy
Machine Learning, AI and Data Science based predictive tools are being increasingly used in problems that can have a drastic impact on people’s lives in policy areas such as criminal justice, education, public health, workforce development and social services. Recent work has raised concerns on the risk of unintended bias in these models, affecting individuals from certain groups unfairly. While a lot of bias metrics and fairness definitions have been proposed, there is no consensus on which definitions and metrics should be used in practice to evaluate and audit these systems. Further, there has been very little empirical work done on using and evaluating these measures on real-world problems, especially in public policy.

Aequitas, an open source bias audit toolkit developed by the Center for Data Science and Public Policy at University of Chicago, can be used to audit the predictions of machine learning based risk assessment tools to understand different types of biases, and make informed decisions about developing and deploying such systems.
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may 2018 by bignose
The Intertwingularity is near: When humans transcend print media
Both reproducible science and open source are necessary for collaboration at scale—the nexus for that intermingling is Jupyter.
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may 2018 by bignose

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