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FCC ballot stuffing
Textual analysis of a spam campaign to repeat net neutrality
fcc  fraud  politics  netneutrality  nlp  via:reddit 
15 hours ago by nelson
Fake-Ad Operation Used to Steal From Publishers Is Uncovered - WSJ
Denmark-based Adform, identifier of the scheme, named it “Hyphbot” and estimates that it has been going on since at least August.
According to Adform, the fraudsters behind the Hyphbot scheme created more than 34,000 different domain names and more than a million different URLs, many designed to attempt to fool advertisers into thinking they were buying ad inventory from big-name publishers such as the Economist, the Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal and CNN. It is a tactic known in the industry as “domain spoofing.”
The perpetrators then generated a wave of nonhuman, or “bot,” traffic that loaded the fraudulent sites, which made money mostly through video ads. Video ads are lucrative because they carry higher rates than other online display ads.
advertising  technology  fraud  fail  newspapers 
20 hours ago by dancall
PNG explorers
The real history of people crossing Papua New Guinea
history  png  papua  anthropology  benedictallen  fraud 
yesterday by nelson
Uber was hacked and hid it
57M user accounts hacked, Uber paid a ransom and didn't disclose the breach
uber  fraud  hack  security  badtech  kalanick 
3 days ago by nelson
Minutebuzz, Melty et Cerise doivent-ils s'inquiéter ?
Comment les producteurs de contenus buzz rachètent des pages FB aux audiences déjà constituer pour kickstarter leurs nouveaux produits (sites web, etc.)
facebook  marketing  fraud 
4 days ago by gui11aume
Our latest Report is out and looks at what over 100 fraud professionals had to say about the future of…
Fraud  from twitter_favs
8 days ago by Ctrl-Shift
Make way for the sidewalk SUV: Mobility scooters | Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
(From 2006) people abusing mobility scooters are making things harder for the disabled. Worse, companies are now -encouraging- the abuse.
disabled  business  fraud 
10 days ago by moose
Whitefish scandal
Yet more Trump administration malfeasance; Puerto Rico is getting seriously screwed on rebuilding electricity infrastructure
trump  fraud  politics  whitefish  puertorico 
11 days ago by nelson
Home | Quantexa Quantexa
Quantexa works in the world of data analytics, helping companies join all the dots of their data. By bringing data together, analysing it and using it to gain insights, we enable companies like yours to make enlightened choices.
finance  fraud  compliance  data  ml  UK 
11 days ago by shalmaneser

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