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this new frontier
Ray touches down at O’Hare with a second-hand duffel bag, a bruised ego, and an ID with his face and Vecchio’s name.

Ray gets stuck on the details, sometimes. Of why he's back in Chicago. The details are easier to look at.
fic  due.south  fraser/kowalski  post-canon 
4 weeks ago by allieyy
Where the Story Changes by seperis
It's why he could sit in the middle of a camp of Mounties, eating a bowl of God-is-this-polar-bear-stew and say, hey, buddy, got an idea. Let's go get that Hand of Franklin. I cannot think of anything more unlikely, so I'm pretty sure we'll find it.
@ao3  wc:15.000-30.000  dueSouth  dueSouth:post-cotw  fraser/kowalski 
july 2019 by nikkitikkitavi
Unplanned by bethbethbeth
That Fraser/RayK fic with the accidental “bye dear” kiss that you’re always looking for and have to go into your dreamwidth import of your livejournal archives to dig up just put it here already.
duesouth  fraser/kowalski 
july 2019 by merelyn
Playing Wolf
"Love, I am a compass and you are magnetic north: all lines converge upon you, a beacon shining forth." ~ 'Love What a Road,' James Keelaghan.
author:kelliemarks  dueSouth  fraser/kowalski  kidfic 
may 2019 by what-alchemy
a numismatic exhibition
He woke up, head pounding, and found out that yeah, he’d been stupid enough to write what he used to—what he still—what he hadn’t—and then, even stupider, so stupid how was he so—to put a stamp on it and leave it downstairs for the mailman who for once, damn him, showed up on time, which was just his luck, just so, so, so. Anyway. Ray didn’t wait to hear back. He chased that damn letter all the way across the border, over the continental divide, into Canada, most of the way to the North Pole. Head down, glasses on, overnight bag in his hand, Ray ran himself ragged trying to get ahead of the Canada Post, his brain skimming through plans to sneak it out of Fraser’s cabin, bribe the wolf, threaten the mail pilot with—something. Anything.
DueSouth  rating:all  length:1001-5000  Fraser/Kowalski 
march 2019 by sansets
AuKestrel (DS) on AO3
AuKestrel's Due South works on AO3. Also has good bookmarks that would be worth exploring. Saved a bunch of her fanfic on my computer.
AO3  Fic  Bookmarks  Recs  DueSouth  F/K  Slash  MyFiles  Author'sWebsite  Fraser/Kowalski  AuKestrel 
september 2018 by blissthisway
Puncture Repair

The last thing Ray Kowalski does before he leaves Chicago is to take a long, hot shower.
location:ao3  fandom:due.south  fraser/kowalski  timeline:future.fic  com:due.south.seekrit.santa  creator:feroxargentea  hurt/comfort  firsttime  length:5-8k 
august 2018 by concinnity
True Love, or the Spare Bedroom by thesentimentalist
Ray hears that Kowalski and Fraser have run off to live in the frozen north together and assumes they've shacked up. But you know what they say about making assumptions. When Fraser and Kowalski come to spend Christmas with the Vecchios, Ray is baffled to learn that they aren't together. Especially when they start dancing the tarantella.
duesouth  fraser/kowalski 
june 2018 by kei_rin
True North
Maggie Mackenzie unwittingly reveals Fraser's deepest secret.
due-south  Fraser/Kowalski  a.crysothemis  >30.000  misunderstandings  pining 
march 2018 by Cassandrexx
Katabasis - Aria - due South [Archive of Our Own]

"I talked to your dad, I went through this place called the Borderland, I had a boat ride, I fed a wolf a doughnut, and I told stories for your soul," Ray interrupted. "This does not mean you are not insane."
firsttime  fandom:due.south  creator:aria  fraser/kowalski  length:15-20k  location:ao3  fandom:mythology 
february 2018 by concinnity
Near Wild Heaven - AuKestrel - due South [Archive of Our Own]
OMG THE ORIGINAL. This fic was so important to me back in the day, I'm thrilled that it's up on AO3!
duesouth  fraser/kowalski 
january 2018 by afrikate
SRK Rennaissance Man
Benton Fraser discovers that Kowalski's skills as a detective are more a function of his personality than his training.
due_south  fraser/kowalski 
november 2017 by georgia_delany
Why I Lied to You by Garonne (due South, Fraser/Kowalski, 19 900 words)
It's 1930, and Ray Kowalski is undercover.

Contains bootleggers, Al Capone, adventures on the frozen river Detroit... and a rather unusual Canadian Customs Officer.
fic  duesouth  au  fraser/kowalski  historical  mafia  nc-17  by:garonne 
october 2017 by inna
Through the Looking Glass by tres_mechante
Ray's life has taken a turn for the strange, what with the gruesome murder, creepy witnesses, the woodland version of Hotel California, and a squirrel with attitude. But then along comes some guy claiming to be Diefenbaker and that's when things get weird.
@lj  wc:30.000-75.000  dueSouth  au  fraser/kowalski 
september 2017 by nikkitikkitavi
Why I Lied to You by Garonne
Due South, RayK/Fraser. Ray, a low-level hood in Capone's Chicago mob, runs whiskey over the river from Windsor to Detroit. That's how he gets to know a peculiar Canadian Customs officer on the take. The last thing Ray wants is for Fraser to figure out he's an undercover agent for the Bureau of Prohibition. // 20K, alternating POVs. Well-written period piece with lots of sneaking around, and doodlehums, and sexy tiems, and angst. HEA.
DueSouth  Fraser/Kowalski  au  via:zhena 
august 2017 by norwich36

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