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Jonathan Franzen Is Fine With All of It - The New York Times
But his answer was no. No. No, you absolutely don’t. You can miss a
meme, and nothing really changes. You can be called fragile, and you
will live. “I’m pretty much the opposite of fragile. I don’t need
internet engagement to make me vulnerable. Real writing makes me —
makes anyone doing it — vulnerable.”

People can think something about you that isn’t true, and it isn’t
necessarily your job to correct them. And if you do correct them, the
corrections will eat up your entire life, and then where is your life?
What did you do? You don’t have to answer criticism of yourself. You
don’t even have to listen to it. You don’t have to fit your thoughts
into sound bites just because of character limitations.

Has anyone considered that the interaction is the fragility? Has
anyone considered that letting other people define how you fill your
day and what they fill your head with — a passive, postmodern stream
of other people’s thoughts — is the fragility?
june 2018 by ra88it
Emptying the Skies | Jonathan Franzen
In the Mediterranean, songbirds are being decimated for fun and profit—and in open defiance of law.
26th  july  2010  new  yorker  jonathan  franzen  cyprus  malta  italy  hunting  birds 
november 2017 by pnjman
Stop Sending Me Jonathan Franzen Novels
We live in a sort of silly cultural hell where the columns are composed by Thomas Friedman, the novels are written by Jonathan Franzen, the debate is framed by CNN, and the fact-checking is done by no one. Franzen’s nightmare — a new regime of technology and information activists that will challenge the senile culture of which he is so perfectly representative — is exactly what is needed.
franzen  books 
february 2016 by auerbach
When Popular Fiction Isn’t Popular: Genre, Literary, and the Myths of Popularity
Genre Vs. Literary Has Nothing to Do with Popularity Is the novel dead? Are MFA programs worth it? Can characters be unlikable? Genre or literary fiction? Is the novel dead because MFA programs are
Fiction  Franzen  Jonathan  literature 
december 2015 by baboonez
Stop Sending Me Jonathan Franzen Novels
“But Wiki was dirty — people died because of Wiki,” an assertion that goes unchallenged. To be sure, this is a bit character talking, rather than one of a handful of main characters whom we can be certain are speaking for Franzen when they start denouncing the Internet or women, but again, it sounds about as natural coming from a slum-dwelling anarcho-what-have-you as a declaration to the effect that the Multinational Imperialist State of Amerikkka must be brought to its knees by a re-energized Situationist International movement would sound coming from Mike Rogers. This, then, is the author speaking.
wikileaks  barrett-brown  literature  franzen 
october 2015 by jomc

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