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Frank Chimero – Some Lessons I Learned in 2013
Life isn’t a story.
A lot of things don’t need to be intellectualized: “because I want to” is often a good enough reason.
Empathy is first an act of imagination.
Don’t take business advice from people with bad personal lives.
There are two ways to look at your life: what happened to you or what you did.
Resources don’t replace will.
Lazy trumps smart.
Everybody wants to give advice and no one wants to take it.
We only deserve what we can take care of.
Clearly labeling other people’s petty grievances as bullshit is a fast track to well-being and fewer complaints of your own.
Money is circulated. Time is spent.
You can punch back.
Social media gets less annoying if you’re willing to say to people, “Who the hell do you think you are?”
Pain is unavoidable. Suffering is optional.
Who you are has more to do with how you act and what you love than what you have or say.
It’s more complicated than that.
Everything good I have came from honesty, good intentions, and low expectations.
Stick with the attentive ones.
Find a way to forgive your mistakes.
You’ll never know enough. Oh well.
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march 2014 by lukeneff
What Screens Want by Frank Chimero
great article about design and sheds some light on animation as well. has some cool wireframe examples similar to pasquel
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february 2014 by mgan
All hail the humble component / Snarkmarket
I like the term steadfast for these components, and calling the more ephemeral technologies “hot-swap” because you swap them out without shutting down the system.
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november 2013 by lukeneff
What Screens Want by Frank Chimero
"We used to have a map of a frontier that could be anything. The web isn’t young anymore, though. It’s settled. It’s been prospected and picked through. Increasingly, it feels like we decided to pave the wilderness, turn it into a suburb, and build a mall. And I hate this map of the web, because it only describes a fraction of what it is and what’s possible. We’ve taken an opportunity for connection and distorted it to commodify attention. That’s one of the sleaziest things you can do."
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november 2013 by Preoccupations
Frank Chimero × Blog × The Inferno of Independence
I have the ability to think in systems and can be incisive and empathetic by understanding how things fit together. I have a knack for saying things lots of other people are thinking. I can have the special courage of stupidity and privilege, because I don’t have to risk much to speak up.
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september 2013 by chalkeater
Weekly Dispatch
Weekly summary of thoughts and discoveries by Frank Chimero, in no particular order.

Inspired by Berg’s weeknotes and Robin Sloan’s credo, “Work in public. Reveal nothing.”
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february 2012 by lukeneff
What advice would you give to a graphic design student? (, 19.08.2010)
»If you meet a person who cares about the same obscure things you do, hold on to them for dear life. Sympathy is medicine.«

»Most important things happen at a table. Food, friends, discussion, ideas, work, peace talks, and war plans.«
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november 2011 by fst
Video: Frank Chimero on Design Fundamentals
The Vancouver Interlink Conference turned out to be a great one. I was supposed to talk at the conference, but unfortunately family came first and was unable to. Nonetheless, here’s a video of Frank Chimero discussing Design Fundamentals. Have yourself a lunchtime watch.
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july 2011 by sbellch
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Cabin Font Family – Google Web Fonts
@lukeneff Cabin? PT Sans? Droid Sans? (Trying to stay free for you.)
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5 weeks ago
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Droid Sans Font Family – Google Web Fonts
@lukeneff Cabin? PT Sans? Droid Sans? (Trying to stay free for you.)
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5 weeks ago
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PT Sans Font Family – Google Web Fonts
@lukeneff Cabin? PT Sans? Droid Sans? (Trying to stay free for you.)
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5 weeks ago
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Squishy Not Slick
So @lukeneff started a blog "Squishy Not Slick." It's thoughts on teaching through my silly squishy > slick lens.
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5 weeks ago
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june 2011 by lukeneff
Frank Chimero — dConstruct 2011
A digital Zen master would say that if everything is starred, nothing is. We’ve optimized the system for getting things in, but how do we get something good out? How can we make meaningful connections between all of this stuff, and make constellations out of all these stars?
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june 2011 by lukeneff

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