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Washington Post - How San Francisco broke America’s heart
The city is filthy rich in what other regions crave: growth, start-ups, high-paying jobs, educated young people, soaring property values, commercial and residential construction, a vibrant street life, and so much disposable revenue. But San Francisco, a city of 883,305 residents, 100,000 more than two decades ago, is the Patient Zero of issues affecting urban areas. The sole constant is its staggering beauty.
Tech companies here are the beneficiaries of gilded carrots, tax breaks. Longtime residents worry that tech workers are drawn here for the jobs, not the city, and may never become stakeholders in San Francisco’s future.
The Bay Area is home to more billionaires per capita than anywhere on Earth.
“I don’t know anyone in San Francisco who is making a full-time living as an artist,” says Victor Krummenacher of the band Camper Van Beethoven, who left the city in April after 30 years, moving an hour east of Los Angeles.
San Francisco has also become less welcoming of altruistic professions, as teachers and social workers are priced out of housing.

The Sierra Club, founded in 1892, decamped to Oakland three years ago after its annual rent was projected to increase by almost $1.5 million. “Nonprofits are fleeing San Francisco. They can no longer afford it, ” says Doug Styles of Huckleberry Youth Programs.
Retail operations have resorted to quasi-nonprofit practices to stay afloat.
Benioff, the city’s largest employer, says residents are at “the beginning of our journey in San Francisco of understanding who we’ve become and where we’re going,” he says. Yet, he acknowledges, “there are a lot of people who are not willing to do the work. They’re here to make money. They’re not here for the long haul.”
San  Francisco  Gentrification 
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Gene Barnes tribute in Los Angeles, June 27, 2019
Yes, Dorothy, there really is a queer tribal underground
We are all potential channelers of an ancient, trans-genderal shamanic tradition

In the early 1990s, Gene Barnes / Portia Manson unveiled HIPPIE DICK! onto the world. HIPPIE DICK! was a Xeroxed porn zine that sought to radicalize the tired label “hippie” by mythologizing it within the faerie scene. With literary contributions and occult collages, HIPPIE DICK! echoed the DIY publishing craze and communal sensibility at Evergreen State College in Olympia, where Barnes was a student. There, he produced various short works of film and video, inspired by his loins, by Kenneth Anger and by his recent HIV positive test results. After graduating, Barnes moved to San Francisco where he built a micro-publishing empire, alternating between print issues of HIPPIE DICK! and producing made-to-order hardcore hippie porn. Barnes died in 1995, “another boy genius who’s fucking gone,” sang Kathleen Hanna of Gene’s passing on Bikini Kill’s Reject All American LP.

Dirty Looks will reproduce a numbered edition of HIPPIE DICK! volume 1 for the first 100 attendees of the evening and Kelly Marie Martin (aka Keroscene), publisher of thorn and executor of Barnes estate, will give a multi-media presentation on the zine and its legacy in advance of the screening. Big thanks to Larry-bob Roberts + Tammy Rae Carland for their help organizing the event.

MERCURY RISING, super8 on digital video, 20min., 1990
LIKE NOTHING ELSE (promo for Herd of Turtles), super8 on digital video, 3:40min., 1990
AIDS 101, video, 23:23min., 1989
THANK GAY I'M GOD, super8 on digital video, 5:30min., 1989/90

Followed by selections from HIPPIE DICK! THE MOVIE
and a DJ set by Mike ETC
$12 (includes HIPPIE DICK! vol. 1 edition)

Thursday, June 27, 2019 at 7 PM – 10:30 PM
Tom of Finland Foundation
1421 Laveta Ter, Los Angeles, California 90026
Portia  Manson  Gene  Barnes  Queer  Bears  San  Francisco  Los  Angeles  CA  Zines  Arts 
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