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Demogagische analyse van groene beweging door
Is gewoon Wat zit er achter deze : 'extr…
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19 days ago by gelerobbie
my new company is all about the Law of Attraction and other pseudoscience — Ask a Manager
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Law of Attraction I think is even worse! I get where folks are coming from on it, that positive thinking can help you because we all notice/pay attention more to what we focus on, but usually it is taken way, way beyond that to the point where you basically are blaming individuals for not overcoming systematic problems because they aren’t thinking positively enough, etc. which is ridiculous. I feel like Law of Attraction is appealing to folks who are already very privileged as they usually have so many opportunities flying by them all the time, if they focus a little more on catching those, they probably will get results. Folks without that privilege will just not have those types of opportunities, they aren’t missing anything.
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4 weeks ago by UnchartedWorlds
"Pistole wird abgefeuert: Bankangestellte verletzt sich bei Überfall" (Grundkurs für )
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5 weeks ago by springfeld
„Floskelwolke“-Macher: „Politik setzt gezielt auf Framing“ |
Die Autoren Sebastian Pertsch und Udo Stiehl vom Projekt „Floskelwolke“ sprechen im FR-Interview über Wortmacht und Medienkompetenz.
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5 weeks ago by thot
Sprache und Ausgrenzung | journalist – das Medienmagazin
„Denken Sie jetzt nicht an einen rosa Elefanten.“ So veranschaulicht Sabine Schiffer das Dilemma unserer Aufmerksamkeitssteuerung. Denn fast jeder hat jetzt unwillkürlich einen rosa Elefanten vor Augen. In einem Vortrag, den die Sprach- und Medienwissenschaftlerin auf Einladung der jüdischen Gemeinde in Marburg gehalten hat, erläutert Schiffer, wie unbedarfte Sprache im Journalismus antisemitische Vorbehalte schüren kann. Wir dokumentieren den Vortrag hier im Wortlaut.
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9 weeks ago by thot
Online Custom Picture Frames & Art Framing | Framebridge
Custom framing made ridiculously easy. For a third of the price in half the time. Starting at $39 with FREE SHIPPING.
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10 weeks ago by LaptopHeaven
Frames of Campaign Coverage | Pew Research Center
Once the presidential primaries begin—and there is a new electoral contest nearly every week—the media often focus heavily on tactics,
11 weeks ago by bchoros

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