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Consistent frame rates
Clear explanation on how to set up FPS, G-Sync, etc to have a clean consistent framerate
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2 days ago by nelson
The Elusive Frame Timing – Alen Ladavac – Medium
Finally, an explanation for why some games stutter on your PC (and a glimpse of hope that this might stop happening in the near future)
gamedev  programming  stutter  framerate  deltatime 
april 2019 by jakobb
Only a few days until Winterschool! Yay! 😀

Worried that my slide about could increase the…
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january 2019 by verwinv
How to change the display refresh rate to match the native format of each movie, video or TV show | Official Roku Support
“Current generation Roku® streaming players are designed to output all content at a display refresh rate of 60 fps. If you prefer, your 4K capable Roku player can be configured to output the native format of each movie, video or TV show by enabling the auto-adjust display refresh rate setting.

“Note: The auto-adjust display refresh rate setting is not available on Roku players that do not support 4K. You can check the product comparison chart to see which products support 4K Ultra HD up to 60fps.”
roku  framerate  2018 
december 2018 by handcoding
BBC Blogs - Academy - iOS 12: Plenty of potential for mobile journalists, but it may take time
The iPhone camera still takes photos that are 4:3 and not 16:9 to match video and which would fit widescreen TVs.
The video camera still lacks an option to shoot at 25 frames per second (fps), which is the standard for TV broadcast in the UK, rather than 30 or 60 fps, which are the American standards. And there’s no way to monitor the audio while recording on the Voice Memos app.
ios  mojo  apps  s  automation  shortcuts  iPhone  review  macros  framerate 
september 2018 by paulbradshaw
Understanding iPhone framerates for shooting, editing & distribution by Allan Tépper - ProVideo Coalition
When you shoot video on iOS (including iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch), framerates don’t work the way they do on conventional camcorders, which use CFR (constant frame rate). That’s because iOS video recording uses VFR (variable frame rate) with only targets, not exact framerates. This is true, whether you shoot on iOS with FiLMiC Pro or MoviePro. The way framerates work when editing video on iOS is also different, although when you share (export) from an app like LumaFusion, they can go back to the traditional way of handling things as CFR. Ahead you’ll learn how to handle iOS footage, whether or not you edit and grade your iOS footage on a traditional computer or on iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch.
mojo  apple  iphone  framerate 
july 2018 by paulbradshaw

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