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Daniel Wellington Instagram
Example of a 'frame' that asked customers to share their perfect pictures of a moment wearing a Daniel Wellington watch. Here is the frame they used for the competition:
"Make sure that you tag your photos with #DanielWellington for a chance to get featured, and visit to find your favorites and local stores."
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18 days ago by nikomoeller
Can We Trust in HDLC?
in spite of the theoretical error detecting capability of its CRC, the actual degree of data integrity provided by HDLC is quite low.

The paper gives a quantitative assessment of HDLC's deficiencies and of their reasons, paying particular attention to actual applications of the HDLC family of standards.

Finally, we look at some strategies that have been suggested to allow the use of HDLC in the most demanding applications.
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27 days ago by kc5tja
Canon EOS R: Full Frame Mirrorless With Great Lenses, But No IBIS
It’s pandemonium in the camera now. Long-time dominant manufacturers Nikon and Canon have given up significant ground in the industry to burgeoning mirrorless players like Sony, Fujifilm and Olympus. Despite developments on the mirrorless front, only Sony has truly held on to pole position all these years. That was until the announcement of Nikon’s Z...

The post Canon EOS R: Full Frame Mirrorless With Great Lenses, But No IBIS appeared first on .
Canon  EOS  R:  Full  Frame  Mirrorless  With  Great  Lenses  But  No  IBIS 
5 weeks ago by vrzone

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