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Thanks but no thanks, CareRooms. In the NHS we need staff, not beds | Rachel Clarke | Opinion | The Guardian
Trained staff – carers – are what the sector lacks, not physical spaces in buildings. Urgent investment in trained, regulated carers is the only safe way to address this, not outsourcing the problem to random homeowners with no clearly defined standards for safeguarding, clinical governance and infection control, not to mention other risks to patients who are at their most vulnerable.
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Jeremy Hunt considers barring walk-in patients from A&E | Society | The Guardian
“We know that the main issue contributing to pressures in A&E is not inappropriate attendance, but a lack of hospital beds, and a lack of the community support services patients need when they are discharged, so they end up staying in hospital for longer than they needed to.” [...] She added: “Maybe a pilot will identify some good ways of reducing genuinely inappropriate use of A&E, but that this idea is even circulating speaks volumes about the consequences of the government’s decision to underfund the NHS. The chancellor must take note, and respond in his budget next month.”
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Risk factors for falls and fall rate in frail older people: a randomised controlled trial.
Effect of a multifactorial, interdisciplinary intervention on risk factors for falls and fall rate in frail older people: a randomised controlled trial.
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