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Микровертолеты и FPV: Eachine RedDevil - микрориппер
В комплекте идет 3S-аккумулятор на 300мА/ч, точно такой же, какой был с Happymodel Mobula7 HD. Его вес 25.7 грамм. Даже местами шрифт на этикетке одинаковый, что наводит на мысль о том, что Happymodel, как и Eachine - одно из подразделений BangGood:) Вернее они оба - одно подразделение.
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5 weeks ago by some_hren
EPSON Moverio BT-300 Review | DJI Mavic Drone Forum
Well we ( @spiderpig & myself) braved the elements today and tested the new Epson Moverio BT-300 (Drone Edition) Smart Glasses, it was 32 degrees with a windchill of 20ish outside.

1st impressions-well-made, high quality and a slick contemporary look. They come packed in a semi-hardshell zipper case and all the components fit easily/neatly inside. Unlike my Cinemizer's case where it takes me 5 minutes to get all the cables precisely packed in order to zipper the case.

The "Drone Edition" will ship w/Phantom/Inspire mount, dark lens shades (not sure about the brand of sunshades) and DJI GO 4.0 App installed (the DJI GO app may be updated by release date). A Mavic mount is available via Moverio Accessories by moverio7 - Shapeways Shops

The Moverios run on an Android OS and navigation around the OS is performed via a built-in track-pad on the controller. The biggest issue I had was using the track-pad, I use an external mouse on my laptops because of my lack of finger control, but that's no reflection on the responsiveness of the track-pad. @spiderpig had no issues using it.

The glasses felt light & comfortable on my face. I am nearsighted and did NOT wear my glasses, though there is an included extended nose bridge which allows the user to wear the Moverio over their glasses. Depending on the users' facial features (i.e. wide, narrow, big nose, etc.) the glasses will be worn differently for each. Meaning further up or down on the bridge of the users nose. Back to me "not wearing my glasses...when looking through the Moverios at the image on the glasses it was like viewing a 40+" television.
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10 weeks ago by some_hren

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