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regl is a new functional abstraction for wegbl.

using regl is easier than writing raw webgl code because you don't need to manage state or binding. it's also lighter and faster and has less overhead than many existing 3d frameworks. and it has a functional data-driven style inspired by react.
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17 hours ago by ghiden
Switching from OOP to Functional Programming – Alexey Avramenko – Medium
Switching to FP style indeed requires a mindset change. You no longer have your usual primitives, like classes, mutable variables, loops, etc. You will not be productive for the first couple of…
fp  functional  programming  objectoriented  comparison  transition  difficulty 
11 days ago by lgtout
A collection of well known Algebraic Data Types for your utter enjoyment
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12 days ago by alphajuliet
When Android met FP – Jorge Castillo – Medium
Learning new things is hard, and being afraid and rejecting the unknown is part of the human nature. There’s some inner reaction inside us that enforces our minds to initially reject anything new in…
android  fp  functional  programming 
20 days ago by lgtout

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