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CSS Frameworks Or CSS Grid: What Should I Use For My Project?
Have you ever considered whether CSS Grid can actually replace the need for CSS frameworks or third-party component libraries? In doing so, Rachel Andrew discovered a range of reasons people use a third-party framework and the positive and negative things about doing so.
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16 hours ago by spaceninja
CSS Frameworks Or CSS Grid: What Should I Use For My Project? — Smashing Magazine
Frameworks save time, but a fully home-brewed approach might serve you better in the long run. Which should be the best route for you?
css  cssgrid  framework  bootstrap  foundation  webdesign 
2 days ago by betobeto
FTL (Future Tech Lab)
"FTL's CEO and founder Miroslava Duma aims to bridging fashion, sustainability and technology by setting up this hybrid investment company, multinational accelerator, experimental laboratory and philanthropic organisation with the mission to transform and empower the $2.4T fashion and apparel industry to evolve and improve its social and environmental footprints.
She is the founder of several innovative ventures, digital entrepreneur, philanthropist and active investor across a range of promising businesses including digital media, technology, responsible fashion.
Miroslava has been cited as the ‘force of the fashion industry’ by the Financial Times and ‘the most connected digital entrepreneur’ by Vogue."

Hmm, quite superlative!?!

Fashionmeetsorganic  sustainablefashion  Innovation  Fabrics  Technology  Investor_Relations  Platform  foundation  Social  ecological  Russia  SocialEntrepreneur 
14 days ago by eocas
Just a moment...
The President signed H.R.4921 into law on October 16th, 2018 via
IFTTT  Sunlight  Foundation 
26 days ago by farley13

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