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Love Makes a Difference Chapter 1, a thor fanfic | FanFiction
It is truly amazing how having a little love and understanding can change things so dramatically, even if some things never truly change.
Thor  precanon  het  friendship  gettingtogether  loki/darcy  humor  angst  kid!fic  found!family  love  sweet 
may 2017 by StallionofFire
Mischief Managed Chapter 1, a Harry Potter + Avengers Crossover fanfic | FanFiction
A man with black hair, green eyes and pale skin watched over a child with black hair, green eyes, pale skin, and a variant of the Elder Futhark rune Sowilo etched upon his brow.
humor  hp  crossover  Avengers  5things  gen  found!family  friendship  timetravel 
september 2016 by StallionofFire
Soulmates, a harry potter fanfic | FanFiction
In which Sirius is a Squib, yet still manages to be best friends with three wizards and the soulmate of a werewolf.
hp  mauraders-era  humor  found!family  angst  friendship  soulmates  were!character  au:justalittledifferent  slash  firstmeetings  sirius/remus 
september 2016 by StallionofFire
Quirks Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction
Every shinobi has a quirk that keeps them more or less insane. It's in the job description. But when a revenge prank on his father takes a life of it's own, Itachi finds that his is a little more...vocal than others. Meet Yoruichi Uchiha, the "illegitimate" daughter of Fugaku. Konoha will have to watch out, because this Uchiha version of the Red Hot Habenaro is here to stay!
naruto  characterdeath:sortof  characterdeath:past  characterdeath  violence  prank  humor  friendship  genderswap  het  kakashi/anko  iruka/itachi  gen  nonexplicit  voyeurism  found!family 
august 2016 by StallionofFire
Force of Nature, a Naruto + Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Crossover fanfic | FanFiction
In which Sakumo raises a son who speaks multiple languages from birth, all of them gibberish to the poor single father jounin, spits vulgarity with the same ease as he does his praise and burns with an unshakable determination to build himself a family that will not fall, no matter who or what is thrown against it.
KHR  reincarnation  naruto  humor  favs  awesomeness  angst  characterdeath:past  slash  xanxus/kyoya  kakashi/shisui  found!family  family  friendship  violence  onesided  kakashi/obito  torture  oneshot 
august 2016 by StallionofFire
Odd-Job Tsuna Chapter 1, a katekyo hitman reborn! fanfic | FanFiction
Tsuna decides to get a job because he didn't want to be indebted to his father. Somehow, this leads to even more jobs and friends popping up in unexpected places. Tsuna can only blame his inability to refuse requests, but he'll never understand why he attracts trouble like a magnet. ch17 12/15/14
KHR  crackfic  humor  friendship  found!family  gen  snarkfest  shenanigans  firstmeetings  long  crack 
july 2016 by StallionofFire
A Will To Protect Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction
Two amnesiacs are found in the aftermath of the Kyuubi attack. They have no records within the village, or from anywhere else. Cleared by T&I, they are then given permission by the Hokage to raise an orphan. Little bits of who they were slowly leak into who they are though.
rurounikenshin  Inuyasha  naruto  multiX-over  amnesia  found!family  favs  mellow  gen  growingup  family  friendship  injured!character 
july 2016 by StallionofFire
Time of the Month, a code lyoko fanfic | FanFiction
Aelita's acting weird, and only Odd seems to know what's going on. Having five older sisters can actually be useful after all.
CodeLyoko  growingup  friendship  gen  favs  awesomeness  bamf-ness  found!family 
july 2016 by StallionofFire
There is Strength in Love, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction
"The man's eyes were what really fascinated the young Uzumaki though. One eye was a solid black, like a shard of obsidian, while the other was a clear blue-grey." It's not coincidence that Naruto reminds people of Obito.
naruto  friendship  found!family  ghost!character  characterdeath:past  gen  oneshot 
july 2016 by StallionofFire
Anything, Everything Chapter 1: Hidden, a katekyo hitman reborn! fanfic | FanFiction
He has them all fooled. He was raised in the Mafia, and has trained with his future self longer than his memories tell him. He will hide the truth, until they need him to protect them.
KHR  family  found!family  hurtcomfort  humor  friendship  gen  preslash 
july 2016 by StallionofFire
Papa Cloud, a Harry Potter + Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Crossover fanfic | FanFiction
"I'm a showman little one. It is my job to make others see what I want them to see."
hp  crossover  KHR  found!family  gen  oneshot  sweet 
july 2016 by StallionofFire
Crackling Sky Chapter 1, a Harry Potter + Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Crossover fanfic | FanFiction
Petunia's miscalculation on the way the Blood Wards functioned landed her nephew in the hands of the Estraneo. When Harry escapes, years later, he is found by a certain perverted doctor. Will the traumatized young teen and the secretive doctor come together or will Harry's past as an experiment prevent him from trusting this unexpected link to his long-dead parents? ch5 11/9/15
hp  kidnapping  KHR  characterdeath:past  crossover  found!family  friendship  angst  torture  ptsd  violence 
july 2016 by StallionofFire
The Plans of Mice and Men (Making It Up As We Go) Chapter 1, a Harry Potter + Final Fantasy VII Crossover fanfic | FanFiction
Two desperate worlds, one plan. One saved, another to go- but this time it's on their terms. They don't know everything, (they barely know anything), but they're nobody's pawns, and this time they'll get it right. ch7 1/26/16
hp  ffvii  crossover  characterdeath  characterdeath:past  characterdeath:sortof  friendship  found!family 
july 2016 by StallionofFire
Burn Me With Fire Chapter 1: Desperation, a Harry Potter + Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Crossover fanfic | FanFiction
After the encounter with Quirrell, Harry's world drastically changes. In (sleep) comes a foul-mouthed man with a healthy amount of disregard (of reality). Or, where Harry meets a man who could somehow talk while encased in ice, and his world tilts, spins, and implodes.
hp  crossover  KHR  mentorfic  found!family  friendship  gen  favs  awesomeness  characterdeath:sortof 
july 2016 by StallionofFire
Black Sky Chapter 1, a Harry Potter + Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Crossover fanfic | FanFiction
When you're a Black, you're a Black and nobody gets to hold all the cards except you. Not a Dark Lord with a grudge, not a Headmaster with a prophecy and certainly not the world's most influential Mafia Family... Dorea is as much a Black as a Potter and she is not about to let anybody walk over her! ch121 4/9/16
hp  crossover  hitmanreborn  humor  friendship  characterdeath  powerful!character  Political!Harry  gen  het  love  kid!fic  tear  family  found!family  novel  alwaysfemale!harry  harry/xanxus  realfamily!fic 
june 2016 by StallionofFire
Unwanted Trip Chapter 1, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction
When the Yondaime said he'd like to try an experiment Naruto Sasuke and Sakura think nothing other than yes please. Only . . . this wasn't the result they had in mind. Poor Kakashi doesn't understand why his new team of genin suddenly have a large dislike of his favourite past Hokage, and Itachi isn't having fun figuring out what's wrong with his dear baby brother.
naruto  humor  angst  friendship  teamfic  gen  found!family  timetravel  characterdeath:past 
january 2016 by StallionofFire
musesfool | fic: The Wooly Soldier (Avengers; Steve/Bucky; g)
Steve bought the heaviest comforters and softest blankets he could find, and made his bed with flannel sheets that warmed quickly to the skin, but Bucky couldn't spend his life in bed, and he couldn't wear a comforter out into the world. (Well, he could, Tony pointed out, but Bucky'd always been a little vain about his appearance, and he'd nixed the idea so quickly that Steve couldn't resist a tiny triumphant fist pump at how much of himself he'd finally gotten back.)

They both liked the soft, fleecy hoodies that were so popular with young people today, but they lacked something Steve couldn't quite put his finger on. It was only after he'd received a hand-knitted sweater from Doris Kaplinsky, one of the chorus girls he'd been on tour with so many years ago, that he figured out what to do.
Avengers  CA:TWS  humor  fiberart  found!family  friendship  knitting 
january 2016 by StallionofFire
Arrow by Tiffany F
A strange weapon in Miami leads Horatio to call on an old friend who happens to be an expert in the bow. What's even stranger is no one but Frank Tripp seems to know who the expert is
CSI:M  Avengers  crossover  gen  impliedslash  clint/coulson  preslash  horatio/eric  casefile  found!family 
september 2015 by StallionofFire

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