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Re: [fossil-users] Meta-enhancement
One user's change to the fossil ticketing system
21 days ago by joeld
Extinct from Morrocco perfect for your ocean or nature grid at Crystal Vibrations on Etsy.…
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10 weeks ago by randyhilarski
Pollution from Canadian refineries an ‘embarrassment’ compared to U.S. |
The average Canadian refinery produced less oil while emitting substantially higher rates of sulphur dioxide, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxides compared with the U.S. average in 2014, the data shows.

For example:

Canada’s tiny fleet of 15 refineries emitted 62 per cent more sulphur dioxide (SO2) than 127 U.S. plants combined in 2014. Fourteen out of 15 refineries in Canada would have to cut their sulphur dioxide (SO2) emissions by at least half to meet the average level of emissions in the U.S., the data shows. Of those, nine of them would need a reduction of 90 per cent or more to reach the U.S. average. Exposure to SO2 can harm the respiratory system and make breathing difficult, especially for those with asthma.
11 of the 15 Canadian refineries would need to cut nitrogen oxides emissions by at least half to reach the U.S. average.
9 of the 15 would need at least a 50 per cent reduction in carbon monoxide emissions to reach the U.S. average.
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may 2018 by badeconomist
Fuel: Fuel
Fuel is cross-platform GUI front-end for the excellent Fossil SCM tool written in Qt. Fuel runs on Windows, OSX as well as various flavors of Unix including Linux and FreeBSD.
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april 2018 by mortonfox
Why SQLite Does Not Use Git
Many readers have recommended various third-party GUIs for Git that might do a better job of showing historical development activity. Maybe some of them do work better than native Git and/or GitHub, though they will all be hampered by the fact that Git does not preserve historical branch names across syncs. And even if those other tools are better, the fact that it is necessary to go to a third-party tool to get the information desired does not speak well of the core system.

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april 2018 by pmbanka

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