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Welcome to the Financial Samurai Forums! Here you can find helpful links to the forum rules, help guides, access popular articles on, introduce yourself to the community and say hi. Last post by AlexNY in Re: Welcome! Please intr...
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10 days ago by basecamp
LinuxHelp: Learning Linux made simple
Build and enhance your knowledge in Linux through tutorials, forums & the latest Linux news. Made by the Linux community for the Linux community.
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14 days ago by cyberchucktx
Apnea Board - Sleep Apnea discussion forums, CPAP Manuals and advice
“None of the doctors could get my AHI down and none of them seemed particularly concerned about it, to be honest,” she said. She started Googling for help, and came across a forum called

On the forum, users were talking about a piece of software called “SleepyHead.”

The free, open-source, and definitely not FDA-approved piece of software is the product of thousands of hours of hacking and development by a lone Australian developer named Mark Watkins, who has helped thousands of sleep apnea patients take back control of their treatment from overburdened and underinvested doctors. The software gives patients access to the sleep data that is already being generated by their CPAP machines but generally remains inaccessible, hidden by proprietary data formats that can only be read by authorized users (doctors) on proprietary pieces of software that patients often can’t buy or download. SleepyHead and community-run forums like and have allowed patients to circumvent medical device manufacturers, who would prefer that the software not exist at all.
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26 days ago by Quercki

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