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Anoop Ranganath on Twitter
"I've played Fortnite with my friends' kids before, but last night I played with my friend's 12yo son and _his_ friends and my mind is still spinning."
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1 hour ago by ddribin
How much money did Fortnite make last year?
According to new numbers issued in the annual report of Nielsen-owned games industry monitor SuperData, Fortnite broke the all-time annual video games revenue barrier last year, taking $2.4bn around the world. To offer a music industry comparison: that’s more money than Universal Music Group turned over from streaming in the first nine months of 2018 ($2.22bn), and more than Sony Corp paid to effectively acquire EMI Music Publishing, when it bought 60% of that business for $2.3bn. It’s also more than the biggest blockbuster movie of 2018, Avengers: Infinity War, made at the Box Office across the world last year ($2.05bn).
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yesterday by motiveunknown
Fortnite made an estimated $2.4 billion last year - The Verge
Netflix's 2017 revenue was apparently $11b, so Fortnite at least for that year was... 1/5 of a Netflix? That's insane.
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yesterday by danhon
Fortnite skins are key to the future of global trade • Bloomberg
Shawn Donnan:
<p>Discussions about globalization—and its costs and benefits—often focus on physical goods such as steel beams, cars, or soybeans. The reality is that the integration of economies is increasingly a digital one that happens in invisible daily bursts—like the sessions in which far-flung armies of Fortnite players face off against each other on an imaginary island. “The digital economy is everywhere, and much of it is international without our even knowing it,” says Anupam Chander, a law professor and expert on digital trade at Georgetown University.

If we don’t always fully appreciate the scale of what’s going on, it’s because much of digital trade is not being captured in official statistics, says Susan Lund of the McKinsey Global Institute, the consultant’s in-house think tank. In a report, Lund and her co-authors <a href="">documented an explosion</a> in global data flows that they argued generated $2.8 trillion in economic output in 2014 alone and was doing more to benefit the world economy than the stalling international trade in physical goods.

In some cases, the World Trade Organization <a href="">pointed out in a report</a> last year, the rapid propagation of digital technologies has contributed to a false picture of globalization in retreat as shipping containers filled with hardcovers and DVDs are replaced by e-book downloads and streaming music.</p>

I seem to recall that much the same was said about Second Life, and then World of Warcraft, and then EVE Online, but the general point is true - digital globalisation is changing things.
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4 days ago by charlesarthur

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