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GitHub - russmaxdesign/floating-label: A quick demo of floating, animated labels
This may well be a canonical example of how to do an accessible version of the “floating labels” thing. And see also Russ’s related ID24 talk about this:
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yesterday by handcoding
WoodSwimmer - YouTube
"WoodSwimmer is a film collaboration between genius animator Brett Foxwell and Conor Grebel (Bedtimes). The footage was taken through a laborious stop motion process of capturing sections of wood as they are thinly shaved away by a milling machine."
animation  nature  forms 
4 days ago by jbushnell
Form Errors Screen Readers Can Access
Fortunately, there are ways to inform users with vision impairments about invalid inputs. By default, screen readers written using the proper markup will announce actionable elements. Screen readers will also announce elements with certain ARIA attributes applied to them. By using these methods properly we can help non-sighted users easily identify errors in inputs.
fridayfrontend  accessibility  forms  errors  aria 
7 days ago by spaceninja
How to make error messages accessible
Commonly, when an error occurs, an error message is inserted into the page. If you want to do this accessibly, some things to look at are identifying errors as errors, notifying the (screenreader) user of new content and describing what happened in clear language. Below, I will go into how you can improve things in those three areas.
fridayfrontend  aria  forms  accessibility  errors 
7 days ago by spaceninja

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