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Opting out is not an option: Why all academic librarians must understand open access
This presentation challenges the still-too-prevalent notion that scholarly communication competencies are essential only for scholarly communication librarians and optional for other academic librarians. The session will focus on one competency in particular: a robust understanding of open access. Specific ways in which open access factors into a wide array of academic librarian roles -- or, at the very least, into performing those roles well -- will be covered as well. Together, we will conside...
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Belle conversation avec dont je découvre avec intérêt le projet DOT — programme de réflexive vi…
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DOT ● Découvrir ● Oser ● Trouver
Un programme de formation professionnelle pour donner du sens personnel à l'avenir.
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Loren Goldner - "Race & The Enlightenment: From Anti-Semitism to White Supremacy"
It is not often recognized that, prior to the 17th and 18th centuries, the period which Western history calls the Enlightenment, the concept of race did not exist.

It is still less often recognized that the origin of the concept of race, in the last quarter of the 17th century, in very specific social circumstances, was preceded by centuries of a very different vision of Africans 2 and New World Indians, which had to be eradicated before the concept of race could be invented, expressing a new social practice in new social relations.

In the current climate, in which the Enlightenment is under attack from many specious viewpoints, it is important to make it clear from the outset that the thesis of this article is emphatically not that the Enlightenment was "racist", still less that it has validity only for "white European males". It is rather that the concept of race was not accidentally born simultaneously with the Enlightenment, and that the Enlightenment's "ontology", rooted in the new science of the 17th century, created a vision of human beings in nature which inadvertently provided weapons to a new race-based ideology which would have been impossible without the Enlightenment. Prior to the Enlightenment, Europeans generally divided the known world between Christians, Jews, Moslems and "heathens"3; beginning around the 1670's, they began to speak of race, and color-coded hierarchies of races.
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Bertelsmann targets life-long learning with OnCourse deal | Reuters
German publishing group Bertelsmann (BTGGg.F) said on Monday it was buying U.S. online education provider OnCourse Learning from private equity firm CIP Capital in a deal worth around $500 million.
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