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Bertelsmann targets life-long learning with OnCourse deal | Reuters
German publishing group Bertelsmann (BTGGg.F) said on Monday it was buying U.S. online education provider OnCourse Learning from private equity firm CIP Capital in a deal worth around $500 million.
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Defining data librarianship: a survey of competencies, skills, and training | Federer | Journal of the Medical Library Association
Results: Respondents considered a broad range of skills and knowledge important to their work, especially “soft skills” and personal characteristics, like communication skills and the ability to develop relationships with researchers. Traditional library skills like cataloging and collection development were considered less important. A cluster analysis of the responses revealed two types of data librarians: data generalists, who tend to provide data services across a variety of fields, and subj...
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Roadmap for Implementing Open Science Training Practices in Research Institutions | Zenodo
In this policy briefing FOSTER outlines six practical actions to be implemented by research institutions to support a cultural change towards Open Science.
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Quelle formation ?
Le couvent de Lyon accueille les étudiants de la Province dominicaine de France. Les frères étudiants suivent les cours de philosophie, théologie, exégèse, histoire, langues… à la faculté de théologie de Lyon. Au terme des deux ans passés à Lyon, le frère renouvelle sa profession simple pour deux ans et part au couvent de Fribourg pour achever en trois ans son premier diplôme de théologie (dit « baccalauréat canonique »).
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