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An opinionated Python code formatter, to save you the trouble of worrying about formatting
python  format  lint  programming  tootme 
3 days ago by nelson
GitHub - portabletext/portabletext: Portable Text is a JSON based rich text specification for modern content editing platforms.
Portable Text is a JSON based rich text specification for modern content editing platforms. - portabletext/portabletext
json  text  richtext  format 
4 days ago by gilberto5757
How Evernote’s XML Export Format Works | Evernote | Evernote Blog
The ENEX file format and specification

The ENEX file format is formally defined by version 3 of the Evernote Export doctype declaration. A note exported as ENEX is complete and can be imported back into Evernote exactly as it was exported; this includes all attached files, recognition information and tags (optionally).

Here is an example ENEX file. Let’s take a look at how the file is organized and what data it contains.
evernote  export  data  format 
4 days ago by euler
syntaqx/numba: numba provides functions to convert integers to various human friendly formats.
numba provides functions to convert integers to various human friendly formats. - syntaqx/numba
golang  number  conversion  format 
10 days ago by pinterb
ONNX is a open format to represent deep learning models. With ONNX, AI developers can more easily move models between state-of-the-art tools and choose the combination that is best for them. ONNX is developed and supported by a community of partners.
format  ai  deeplearning  model  ml  machinelearning 
11 days ago by RBarnard

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