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formatting - How can I format bytes a cell in Excel as KB, MB, GB etc? - Stack Overflow
[<1000000]0.00," KB";[<1000000000]0.00,," MB";0.00,,," GB" Format numbers in excel as KB, GB, MB for memory, files, etc.
excel  format 
yesterday by iamthefury
ambv/black: The uncompromising Python code formatter
The uncompromising Python code formatter. Automatically formats source code to avoid religious-level wars about code formatting
code  formatter  python  opensource  format  beautifier 
4 days ago by plaxx
Decoding Your GSA Contract Number
The USA government GSA office is using new contract number format
usa  government  contract  format  identification 
8 days ago by rheotaxis
Google Wants to Kill the URL
If you're having a tough time thinking of what could possibly be used in place of URLs, you're not alone. Academics have considered options over the years, but the problem doesn't have an easy answer.
browser  url  format 
15 days ago by Gwendoux
Portable Document Format: An Introduction for Programmers

Portable Document Format: An Introduction for Programmers

pdf  format  tutorial 
15 days ago by blebo

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