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Tide Times and Chart for Ko Pha Ngan
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Sea Conditions, 7-Day Tide Table, Live Weather, Tide Station Map, Location Guide

Best and clearest chart of several sites i looked at.
[jan 2019]
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10 weeks ago by tometaxu
Survey of India Maps
India has finally released its survey maps to public. [oct 2018]
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october 2018 by tometaxu
This is what air pollution looks like from space
The world’s most advanced air pollution monitoring satellite recently sent back its first images, illustrating the increasingly hazardous global air pollution problem and offering a preview of monitoring improvements yet to come.
[beautiful images. and scary]

Earther | | 23 apr 2018
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april 2018 by tometaxu
What Google shows you depends on where you are.
Image of google maps of India, with varying boundaries when viewed from India, Germany, China.
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november 2017 by tometaxu
Delhi pollution seen from space
See NASA photos showing smoke clouds heading to Delhi from Punjab, Haryana

Financial Express | | nov 2017
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november 2017 by tometaxu
Come rain or come shine: The best time to travel Vietnam and the world
interactive map showing high/low seasons for Vietnam.

-- Vi Vu
VnExpress International | | 24 apr 2017
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october 2017 by tometaxu
Interactive map showing high and low travel seasons around the world
describes interactive map at The source site isn't connecting (oct 2017).
map is embedded. It's a little too fast though.

VnExpress International | | retr 20 oct 2017
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october 2017 by tometaxu
Map of the Silk Road
Nice clear map showing the various political entities of the time, geographical features, main towns, including Dunhuang. "Tibetan Empire" and "Chinese Empire" clearly marked.

idp_silkroad_083115.jpg (JPEG Image, 700 × 498 pixels)

Arboretum | | retr 21 jul 2017
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july 2017 by tometaxu
Map - what every country leads the world in
This map shows what every country leads the world in, and it’s not entirely flattering.

Fast Company | | retr 4 jul 2017
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july 2017 by tometaxu
The global flow of people
Explore new estimates of migration flows between and within regions for five-year periods, 1990 to 2010. Click on a region to discover flows country-by-country.

-- Nikola Sander, Guy J. Abel, and Ramon Bauer | retr 26 may 2017
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may 2017 by tometaxu
Create and download data maps ~ at
" is a free and simple platform for creating visualizations with data maps. It allows you to upload CSV file with region data, and fully customize your map's appearance. Your Map can be saved as PNG or SVG.

"With, you can create a custom map of World, USA, China, Canada and more are coming."

Datamaps | | retr 13 jun 2016
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june 2016 by tometaxu

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