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How GDPR Will Change The Way You Develop — Smashing Magazine
Introduction to the “General Data Protection Regulation” that becomes enforceable law in the EU (and for everyone who handles data from people in the EU) starting in May 25, 2018.
domain:UX  domain:Coding  topic:Privacy  topic:BestPractices  topic:Data  topic:Security  topic:Trust  form:Report  form:CodeOfConduct 
yesterday by novom
How To Protect Your Users With The Privacy By Design Framework — Smashing Magazine
Introduction the the Privacy By Design Framework that will be come enforceable law in the EU with the “General Data Protection Regulation” (GDPR).
domain:UX  domain:Coding  topic:Privacy  topic:BestPractices  topic:Data  topic:Security  topic:Trust  form:Report  form:CodeOfConduct 
yesterday by novom
Ijeoma Oluo: 'I am drowning in whiteness' | KUOW News and Information
About being uncomfortable as a white person: “… the least you can do is be uncomfortable. Be uncomfortable a lot. And if you are comfortable, take that as a sign that you need to make things more uncomfortable.” Definitely makes me uncomfortable
domain:Social  topic:Race  subdomain:Minorities  topic:Change  topic:BeingGood  form:Report  form:CodeOfConduct 
october 2017 by novom
Have Smartphones Destroyed a Generation? - The Atlantic
“More comfortable online than out partying, post-Millennials are safer, physically, than adolescents have ever been. But they’re on the brink of a mental-health crisis.”
domain:Social  subdomain:Crisis  subdomain:InternetCulture  topic:YoungUsers  topic:Relationships  form:Report 
september 2017 by novom
My liberal white male rage: What should I do about it? -
Good mirror for my own thought patterns.
Reminds me of Bell Hooks, describing how the Patriarchy equals power with domination. Men are raised to dominate others. Those power fantasies are deeply implanted in patriarchal masculinity and even intoxicates genuine efforts to do the right thing.
domain:Social  subdomain:Empathy  subdomain:Crisis  topic:Sexism  topic:Sociology  topic:Masculinity  topic:BeingGood  topic:Race  form:Report 
august 2017 by novom
"Imagine if these people ever faced actual oppression."
Thread reminding how *not* oppressed white men are and always have been. Gives perspective.
domain:Social  subdomain:Minorities  topic:Privilege  topic:Bias  form:Report 
august 2017 by novom
The key to jobs in the future is not college but compassion | Aeon Essays
About emotional labour, how it is undervalued, about how important it is in the face of AI/Robots taking over jobs. A broader comment on the overlaps between class, gender and an economical system that is optimised towards hard numbers and efficiency.
domain:Social  subdomain:Empathy  subdomain:Gender  topic:future  topic:Sexism  topic:Bots  form:Report 
july 2017 by novom
Don’t use photos in your personas | cxpartners
– Photos reinforce demongraphics
– Abstraction facilitates empathy
– Drawn pictures allow you to emphasise actions and scenarios (finding a photo that does that is very difficult)
domain:UX  subdomain:Empathy  topic:Personas  form:Report 
july 2017 by novom
What is Customer Jobs? What is a Job to be Done (JTBD)?
“Jobs to be done” assumes that customers want to evolve themselves in to a “better me”. Products are here to make that evolution happen. Customers don’t always know or can even articulate what their “better me” is going to be, designers and inventors create that vision.
Interesting approach, and also quite ambivalent. Designers working in a capitalistic and neoliberal system embracing the idea of a “better me” as design framework raises quite some questions.
domain:UX  topic:ProcessModels  topic:Sociology  form:Report 
june 2017 by novom
Media Manipulation and Disinformation Online || Data & Society
An in-depth report about the “alt-right” and how they have influenced and manipulated the public perception and the mainstream media.
domain:Social  subdomain:InternetCulture  subdomain:Minorities  topic:Sexism  topic:Trends  topic:Bullying  topic:Memes  form:Report 
may 2017 by novom
Kein Gott, kein Herr! - Eine kleine Geschichte der Anarchie (1/2) Doku (2013) - YouTube
two-part docu by arte. Recommended by Cast in a weekly report. A very different perspective on the idea of changing society
domain:Social  subdomain:Crisis  topic:Politics  topic:Change  form:Report 
may 2017 by novom
Neoliberalismus, Soziale Marktwirtschaft, Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung
Definition und historischer Abriss des Neoliberalismus. In vielerlei Hinsicht eine Gegenposition zu der heute gängigen negativen Betrachtung des Begriffs.
domain:Social  topic:Politics  form:Report 
may 2017 by novom
«Muslimische Mütter erziehen ihre Söhne zu Versagern» - SonntagsZeitung -
Interview mit Zana Ramadani in Berlin, Autoring von «Die verschleierte Gefahr». Eine Muslimische Frau aus Mazedonien, welche einen sehr kritischen Blick hat auf den Islam und dessen Traditionen. Ebenfalls sehr skeptisch gegenüber linken Ansichten von Toleranz
domain:Social  subdomain:Minorities  topic:Race  topic:Politics  form:Report 
april 2017 by novom
Über die Rolle von Männern und anderen privilegierten Gruppen im der Feministischen Bewegung. Kommentar zu einem Artikel im 20 Minuten.

«Aber der feministische Kampf ist ein Kampf aus einer diskriminierten Position heraus. In Bezug auf Geschlecht können Männer in unserer Gesellschaft diese Position nicht kennen. Das Zauberwort ist: Solidarität!»
domain:Social  subdomain:Gender  topic:Sexism  topic:Privilege  topic:BeingGood  topic:BestPractices  form:CodeOfConduct  form:Report 
march 2017 by novom
Welcome To The Anti-Racism Movement — Here’s What You’ve Missed
Context and rules for white people when they start doing anti-racism work in 2017. Written from the perspective of a woman of colour.
Besides putting things into perspective the piece is also a pretty reliable emotional trigger. Good for practicing emotional discomfort in context of anti-racism work.
domain:Social  subdomain:Minorities  topic:Race  topic:BeingGood  topic:BestPractices  topic:Privilege  topic:Change  form:CodeOfConduct  form:Report 
march 2017 by novom
Fearless girls shouldn’t have to save us – Medium
Reflections of the symbolism of the fearless girl statue facing down the bull from Wall Street on women’s day 2017. Also of the patron who paid for the piece.
No tear-down but a thoughtful second look on a piece of art that was created to represent feminism in a certain way.
domain:Social  subdomain:Gender  topic:Sexism  form:Report 
march 2017 by novom
What Do Feminists Owe Kellyanne Conway? 
Response to this piece in the NYTimes:
Kellyanne Conway being a target of sexist attacks. Should feminists now speak up, despite the fact the Kellyane Conway has actively worked against the movement and is currently working for an oppressive regime?
Lots to learn here from both pieces
domain:Social  subdomain:Gender  topic:Sexism  topic:BeingGood  form:Report 
march 2017 by novom
Tech and the Fake Market tactic – Humane Tech – Medium
Anil Dash on the evolution from open internet markets to their impending monopolisation by a couple large corporations.
1. Free internet markets
2. Rigged markets
3. Fake Markets (now)
4. After Markets (future)
domain:Social  subdomain:InternetCulture  topic:Ads  topic:future  topic:OpenAccess  topic:Trends  topic:Engagement  topic:Bias  form:Report 
february 2017 by novom

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