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Adirondack Rail Trail for all
Hate the idea of for-profit business hogging public corridor. Besides that, we are too dysfunctional to actually get a motor-free rail-trail. Bleh.
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5 days ago by adirondacks
Railroad plans to roll out rail bikes
"ASR officials say they still plan to eventually run passenger train service all the way from Utica to Lake Placid..." << what a load of BS. Private business monopolizing public corridor for profit. Don't like this at all.
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18 days ago by adirondacks
As deadline arrives, new Adirondack High Peaks wilderness plan draws fire
It's complicated. Also, we need to find a way to improve the quality of visitors to the wilderness.
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19 days ago by adirondacks
Packrafters tackle invasive water plants
“There’s so many opportunities to explore beside the high peaks, besides bagging a peak.”
news  adirondacks  invasivespecies  conservation  paddle  hike  forestpreserve 
4 weeks ago by adirondacks
Protect: Gooley Club buildings should be torn down
The state needs to hold firm. It must publicly state that the Gooley Club buildings will be removed as scheduled and ensure their removal this fall.
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5 weeks ago by adirondacks
Agency releases High Peaks, Boreas plans
"Adjustments to management plans would result in big changes to Adirondacks’ most popular places"
news  adirondacks  forestpreserve  apa  highpeaks  conservation 
10 weeks ago by adirondacks
Adirondack Park Is Bigger Than Death Valley and Yellowstone Combined
"Half of the park kind of isn't a park." and the other half has a slight resemblance to a park.
buzz  adirondacks  forestpreserve 
10 weeks ago by adirondacks
Conservation of Public Lands Helps Small Businesses Thrive
"Small businesses and protected public lands fit hand in glove, drawing visitors who spend money at local retailers."
buzz  adirondacks  conservation  forestpreserve  economicdevelopment 
10 weeks ago by adirondacks
Study: Outdoor rec is big business in northern New York
"That total does not include money spent by foreign visitors to this area on the northern U.S. border that welcomes a large number of tourists from Canada."
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12 weeks ago by adirondacks
Buildings on the Forest Preserve
Classify them as artifacts and let them be returned to nature?
buzz  adirondacks  wilderness  heritage  forestpreserve  conservation 
april 2018 by adirondacks
Railroad owner threatens to pull out without $5 million payment
We could have already had years of enjoyment if they had turned that into a Rail Trail (for all public human-powered modes of travel).
news  adirondacks  warrencounty  train  politics  taxes  economicdevelopment  forestpreserve 
march 2018 by adirondacks
Minimum 2-year wait likely before any Camp Gabriels sale
In principle, this is Forest Preserve land and should remain as such. But we've already eroded protections of that sort.
news  adirondacks  franklincounty  gabriels  prison  newyork  politics  forestpreserve  economicdevelopment  taxes  conservation 
march 2018 by adirondacks
On Becoming a Mountain Steward
"... some hikers and climbers saw any building as a danger to the alpine terrain, as well as an intrusion on the wildness: a civilizing influence that had no place in the mountains."
buzz  adirondacks  conservation  forestpreserve  wilderness 
march 2018 by adirondacks
Sporting Clubs, Hinchey Law, And The Forest Preserve
When does something become historically significant, and what exactly is worth saving?
buzz  adirondacks  forestpreserve  conservation  heritage  politics 
march 2018 by adirondacks
Court sides with North Elba in Old Mountain Road case
“What’s going to end up being the legacy of this case is that the State Land Master Plan does not have the authority to close a road, and pretty much every road that they’ve closed with the State Land Master Plan has been closed illegally.”
news  adirondacks  snowmobile  forestpreserve  essexcounty  wilderness  dec 
march 2018 by adirondacks

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