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From Anguished Appeal to Presidential Tweet: The Doctor Who Changed U.S. Policy - WSJ. Oct 18, 2018
Dr. Albezem and her group looked for a way to get to the president. Allies suggested they hire Trump fundraiser and lobbyist Brian Ballard.

When meeting him earlier this year, Dr. Albezem laid out in chilling terms what was happening in Syria. She vividly described the last seconds of a dying child’s life after a chemical attack.

Mr. Ballard says he was moved. But he didn’t think he could help them. Mr. Trump wasn’t an interventionist and was pushing to withdraw American troops from Syria as soon as possible.

Dr. Albezem persisted, and Mr. Ballard relented. He laid out various ways they could try to influence the president. If you want to make your case directly to Mr. Trump, Mr. Ballard told them, there are small roundtables where you can meet him. One such fundraiser happened to be coming up in a few weeks in Mar-a-Lago.

Dr. Albezem and her fellow activists raised the cash for two seats at an intimate roundtable at the president’s resort in Palm Beach, Fla. The price tag for two seats, according to activists, was $100,000. Dr. Albezem declined to comment on how much she raised for Mr. Trump and the Republican Party.

At the roundtable, the two women urged Mr. Trump to do more in Syria, and Mr. Trump asked aides to get him more information, Ms. Bouzo said.
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The Moral Confusion of Trump Christians
I am not a Christian, but this is strong.

“They claim they love Trump because he respects the Military, yet when he proceeded to posthumously give a middle finger to war hero John McCain, they respond by defending Trump and trashing the senator.

They’ve professed devotion to the President because they say he puts “America First”—and yet, have willingly tossed out the mountain of evidence that he is beholden to Russia and a pawn of Vladimir Putin; that he has polluted our elections and exposed our secrets.

After having screamed incessantly for years about what goes on in people’s bedrooms and in public bathrooms—these “family values Christians” have had to ignore three marriages, serial adultery, porn star affairs, Playmate payoffs with campaign funds, and assault allegations.

They’re forever claiming they support Trump because he is “pro-life,” and yet say nothing while hundreds of children remain isolated from their parents, after becoming orphans by his Administration.

They want the Prince of Peace and the pussy-grabber President.
They want “Love your neighbor as yourself”—and ICE raids and Muslim bans.
They “marriage is between one man and one woman”—and an Olympic-level adulterer.
They want America First and For God so Loved the World.
They want Jesus’ compassionate humility and Trump’s vile arrogance.
They want to store up treasures in Heaven and tons of cash right now.

I can understand their disorientation. It must be dizzying to try and keep this cognitive dissonance up; an exhausting exercise to balance the moral inconsistencies and do the theological gymnastics required to not have it all collapse.”
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