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Assessing Soviet Economic Performance During the Cold War: A Failure of Intelligence? - Texas National Security Review
Gregory Grossman, a professor of economics at Berkeley and a leading specialist in this area, was particularly prescient. In an extraordinary article published in 1962, Grossman argued that some of the most basic features of the Soviet economy — the absence of a market mechanism, the limited role that money played in economic life and the limits on labor mobility — were increasingly counterproductive
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[1803.06940] The ECMWF Ensemble Prediction System: Looking Back (more than) 25 Years and Projecting Forward 25 Years
This paper has been written to mark 25 years of operational medium-range ensemble forecasting. The origins of the ECMWF Ensemble Prediction System are outlined, including the development of the precursor real-time Met Office monthly ensemble forecast system. In particular, the reasons for the development of singular vectors and stochastic physics - particular features of the ECMWF Ensemble Prediction System - are discussed. The author speculates about the development and use of ensemble prediction in the next 25 years.
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Data from Google Trends
Datasets from Google Trends provided by Google News Team.
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Four Future Scenarios for the San Francisco Bay Area | SPUR
This report uses a scenario planning process to look at four uncertainties that the Bay Area will contend with over the next 50 years: the economy, housing, transportation and the physical form that growth takes. The four resulting scenarios serve as “myths of the future,” stories that reveal the potential long-term outcomes of today's choices.
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Forecasting: Principles and Practice
This textbook is intended to provide a comprehensive introduction to forecasting methods and to present enough information about each method for readers to be able to use them sensibly. We don’t attempt to give a thorough discussion of the theoretical details behind each method, although the references at the end of each chapter will fill in many of those details.
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