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Raymond James' Jeffrey Saut calls a bottom in the wild stock market
"On Oct. 2, we had on our short-term model a sell signal and we told people if you have trading positions you should sell," said the chief investment strategist at Raymond James. "And we have put some of that money back to work."

"People are underinvested" in stocks, Saut said, citing his belief that the U.S. economy is not going to slow as much as expected and earnings will be strong next quarter.
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yesterday by mathinker
Why Trump Worries Historians More Than Economists - Bloomberg
If you think about these questions enough, you can end up very nervous indeed. Historians have seen too many modest mistakes spiral out of control and turn into disasters.

Economists, in contrast, work more with general models than with concrete historical situations, and those models emphasize underlying structural forces. Economies have fairly set populations, birth rates, natural resources, capital stocks, savings rates, trading partners, and so on. So to an economist, the final outcomes are closer to necessary than contingent.
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13 days ago by inspiral
Cisco VNI Global Fixed and Mobile Internet Traffic Forecasts
Complete Visual Networking Index (VNI)
13th annual Complete VNI Forecast. Explore global and regional IP traffic growth and trends (2017 – 2022).
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14 days ago by rcyphers
What Value Are You Getting From Planning?
"Why should you care? Today market turbulence abounds. Spiraling transportation costs, tariff shifts and increased expectations for customer service sparks new interest in supply chain planning. Operations complexity coupled with the rise in demand volatility increases corporate risk. (Reference Figure 1. The larger the bubble, the greater the risk.)

Outsourcing–procurement, manufacturing and transportation– decreased visibility and increased data latency. As a result, we introduced black holes into the supply chain. Additionally the move from regional to global supply chain management decreased visibility. Yet, companies continued to invest primarily in ERP systems."
supply  chain  analytics  excellence  demand  planning  feasible  plan  forecast  value  add  forecastability 
22 days ago by jonerp
Global tablet shipments to decline 4.3% in 2018; Huawei to become 3rd largest manufacturer, surpassing Amazon • TrendForce
<p>“With the launch of new devices in the coming era of 5G, the tablet category will still help the brands build a strategic future, retaining their customer bases and becoming more influential in the global IoT network,” says Kou-Han Tseng, TrendForce notebook analyst. Therefore, major brands will not give up their tablet product lines, even at the expense of downsizing their entry-level product ranges. Particularly, Google continues the ambitions about its tablet business and Huawei expands fast in this segment, whose growth momentum jointly remains key to the overall performance of the tablet market. For 2019, TrendForce forecasts the global tablet shipments at 139.6m units, a YoY decline of 4%.

Amid the overall decline of tablet sales worldwide, brands tend to offer lower prices to retain customers and invest less in new tablet development. In contrast, Huawei appears to be rather positive in developing new mobile devices, including both smartphones and tablets. Huawei’s shipments of tablets for 2018 are expected to rise by over 30% to more than 14m units, with a market share of 9.8%, 2.6 percentage points up from last year. The impressive shipments will also enable Huawei to become the 3rd largest tablet manufacturer this year, surpassing Amazon.

Amazon’s growth momentum for tablet grows conservative as the brand shifts some focus to its smart speaker business. The company expects a fall in its annual tablet shipments for 2018, although it has been adjusting its product portfolio faster and increasing the share of its 8in and larger products. After three years of strong growth, Amazon is expected to record a more conservative shipment of 13.4m units this year, a YoY decline of 1%.

The leading tablet maker Apple has revealed its new 11in and 12.9in iPad Pro models ahead of the coming holiday sales in Europe and the US. However, its launch not long after new iPhones and the premium price tags, 25% higher than its ancestors, may prevent the new iPad series from achieving mass market success. As the result, TrendForce expects the iPad shipment to fall by 2% YoY, recording 43m units for 2018.</p>

The Pro tablets aren't intended to get "mass market success"; the clue is in the name. TrendForce excludes 2-in-1 PCs (such as the Surface genus?).
Tablet  2019  forecast 
4 weeks ago by charlesarthur
‘Godfather’ of chart analysis says ‘damage done to the stock market’ is much, much worse’ than anyone is talking about - MarketWatch
Prominent market technician Ralph Acampora says the stock market is in bad shape and it’s worse than many on Wall Street investors appreciate.

A pioneer in the field of chart-based trading, Acampora said the technical damage that has resulted in the Dow Jones Industrial Average DJIA, +0.97% and the S&P 500 index SPX, +1.09% erasing all of their gains for 2018, and the Nasdaq Composite Index COMP, +2.01% falling into correction territory—usually characterized as a decline of at least 10% from a recent peak—will take months to repair.
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6 weeks ago by mathinker

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