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Request: Dean/Sam, forced marriage, first time, dubcon
Sam and Dean have to get married, due to some ancient law. They're not happy about it, and they don't go into it willingly. They get through the ceremony, but that's when they discover that the wedding isn't deemed official until it's been consummated. They're not too keen on having sex with each other.

But more importantly, neither wants to be the one taking it up the ass. It turns into a fight, as they try to convince each other why they should be the top. They trash the honeymoon suite as they wrestle around, trying to pin each other. They end up naked and panting, on the bed, both of them trying to screw the living daylights out of the other.

Fuck or be fucked, it seems.
:spn  fps  pairing:sam/dean  forcedmarriage  firsttime  dubcon 
october 2017 by Mayalaen
Request: MC/Dean, dom/sub, non-con, castration, body modification, conditioning
Dom/Sub AU

At age 16, teenagers are given an assessment to determine their dynamic on the dominant/switch/submissive scale, which is then used to match them with the most suitable partner for them and by law they must legally bond with/marry their government-selected partner. There are also subcategories for doms and subs: daddy (or mommy)/little and master/pet. It's also totally normal for little/pet subs to undergo body mods chosen by their doms. For littles, it's to make them more comfortable in their diapers, and for pets, doms think being neutered is a pet's ultimate desire.

Dean tests as a low grade sub, meaning he leans very close to being a switch with submissive tendencies. However, a teacher at his school who is a high grade (extremely dominant) master or daddy dom has been lusting after him since he started going to the school, so he goes into the computer and changes Dean's results to make himself Dean's perfect match. Dean is forced to bond with him is then subjected to his new dom's harsh style and to the typical body mods that are considered normal for his legal dynamic (castration / having his penis docked down to a much smaller size). The MC then words hard on breaking Dean of the "bad habits" that reflect his true dynamic so that only submissive behaviors remain.

I'd like it the male character were either Alastair, Castiel, Michael, Crowley, or Benny.

Up to anon to use either daddy/little or master/pet.
:spn  underage  pairing:dean/omc(s)  D/s  noncon  castration  bodymodification  conditioning  abuse  forcedmarriage  slave 
october 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: J2, fantasy, forced marriage, castration
King Jared has just conquered the neighboring country. In order to make it clear just who is in charge, he demands that in exchange for accepting their surrender, their king has to give him his surviving son, Jensen(age fifteen to seventeen), as Jared's new bride, on top of all the other offerings demanded.

Jensen has no idea what Jared wants of him, just expects to be treated as a slave, only Jared was quite serious about marrying Jensen. Turns out that Jared's people have a ritual, that once performed, will turn a male into a carrier. Carriers are said to give birth to the strongest warriors, and are seen as a blessing from the gods.

In order to turn a boy into a carrier, they have to first give up their manhood (aka be castrated), after which they are to be fucked by the father to be. If the Gods accept the sacrifice, then the boy will be pregnant after the ritual, if the Gods don't, then the boy is likely to die.

Jared is pretty sure Jensen will survive, really quite sure, but he expects Jensen to take part in it willingly, this will strengthen Jensen's chances of being accepted by the gods.

Jensen was raised a prince, with the responsibilities that come with that, and he knows that as the 'Queen' he'll be able to protect his father's lands and bring peace and unity, so after some soul searching, he steps willingly into the sacrificial circle, and takes the first step in his castration, aka tying the bonds that will be used to remove his balls. He cries as he does so, but Jared is there for him, to help him through it, promising he'll be there for Jensen and his children for the remainder of their life.

The Gods of course approve, and Jensen ends up pregnant with twins, a clear sign of the God's favor.
:spn  underage  pairing:jared/jensen  forcedmarriage  castration  au  historical 
september 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: Jensen/any, arranged marriage
When 12 year old Omega Jensen is mated off in an arranged marriage, he's not sure what to expect, except being told that his mate to be comes from a traditional family.

Only after the official claiming during the wedding ceremony, his Alpha for the most part ignores him. He's given a set of rules to follow, staff that follows his every order, while at the same time keeping an eye on him to make sure he follows the rules. But otherwise he's left alone.

(rules could be things like, what he's allowed to wear, if anything at all, when he's supposed to eat, who's orders he has to follow, the respect he has to show others, not being allowed outside without at least one of the servants accompanying him, and so on.)

It's only during his heats that his Alpha comes to him and clinically helps him with his needs, only to leave as soon as Jensen's heat has passed.

Soon Jensen starts to wonder what he did wrong, or in what way he's offended his Alpha, desperately trying to be good enough for his Alpha.

Turns out the Alpha was furious when he found out that the Omega he was supposed to marry was just a child. And though he won't abandon his Omega, or ignore his needs, he doesn't want to take sexual advantage of a child either. It's only when either the servants, a family member, ... makes him realize the harm he's doing to Jensen, that he starts spending more time with his mate.

Happy ending preferred.
forcedmarriage  rps  !tofill  au  underage  alpha/beta/omega  :spn  pairing:jensen/omc(s)  happilyeverafter 
june 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: Dean/Sam discipline, broken Dean
In a world where both arranged marriages and domestic discipline are common. Omega Dean is given in marriage to (not related) Alpha Sam. John and Mary raised their boy in a progressive household, where spouses are equals and there is no head of the household or use of domestic discipline. Dean was never spanked. When they died though, Dean was given to the custody of one of John's Traditionalist relatives, who sees Dean only as a burden to be married off as soon as possible.

Less than three months after his parents' death, Dean is given to Sam, who is super Traditional, even among the traditionalists. John's relative figures Sam will shake some sense and discipline into Dean. Sam has super strict household rules he expects to be followed- what Dean can wear (panties) and not wear (anything else), how he can behave, when he can leave the house without Sam (never). How Dean is to talk to Sam (with permission only, use of Sir or Alpha). When Dean has sex (when and where Sam wants, even if that's in public or if Dean does not want it). What Dean can eat even is controlled. Infractions are punished with severe spankings, both by hand and with implements. Before long, Dean is cowering in fear of his new husband.

Sam sees himself as strict and harsh but fair. He's consistent and never spanks in anger. If Dean doesn't want to be spanked, he just needs to behave. It's not like Sam wants to spank him. It's not like the rules are impossible to follow. He just doesn't understand why Dean's behavior isn't improving. Sam is just trying to help Dean and doing this out of love. Sam doesn't understand why the beautiful Omega who came to his household months ago is fading and always sick. why Dean isn't talking or eating.

Then one night, after a particularly severe spanking after Dean wouldn't eat his dinner, Dean attempts suicide and nearly succeeds. Afterwards, Sam's family urges him to put Dean aside, maybe commit him to a mental facility for the rest of his life, but Sam doesn't want to do that. He's grown to love Dean and is frantic when he realizes that what he was always taught was loving discipline isn't working for him and Dean. then he meets hospital psychologist Castiel, a secret progressive, who encourages him to think about life in a different way and maybe he doesn't have to discipline Dean at all, just love him and care for him. But can Sam overcome a lifetime of traditionalist thinking and can Dean overcome months of trauma. For Dean, this marriage was never anything but abuse, even if Sam meant well.
!tofill  au  notrelated  spanking  fps  pairing:sam/dean  kink:suicidal-ideation  kink:suicide-attempt  kink:omega!dean  kink:public-display  kink:virgin!dean  kink:panties  WIP  agedifference  alpha!Sam  alpha/beta/omega  implement:belt  bottom!Dean  claiming  noncon  underage  knotting  :spn  top!Sam  virgin  discipline  publicsex  forcefeeding  forcedmarriage  punishment 
may 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: Dean/Male Character, alpha/omega, coerced turning, castration, forced marriage, dub-con
AU alpha/omega society setting

John dies on a hunt and Dean and Sam end up in foster care. Both are young enough that they haven't presented yet as either alpha or omega, though it's rare for a boy to present as an omega unless steps are taken to force his body to present that way. Dean is around 11-12 and probably close to presenting when a wealthy alpha comes to the group foster home looking for a new omega bride and chooses him. It's normal for wealthy alphas to have multiple omega wives and for them to purchase their secondary wives from social services, who have no qualms about accepting bribe money or forcefully turning a boy into an omega and selling him into marriage if it gets him out of their overcrowded group homes.

The alpha brings Dean to a private doctor's practice to begin the turning process right away in a safe environment, since turning a boy into an omega is a medical process that takes a couple of days. Every couple of hours, Dean has to be force fed his alpha's fresh semen and given another dosage of omega hormones to encourage his body change. Once the process is complete, the alpha has the doctor castrate Dean for cosmetic reasons, since he doesn't like the look of balls on an omega. (He could also have Dean's penis removed. Up to anon, but I'd be cool with it.)(I'm also totally fine with feminized omegas, if that's what anon's writing muse wants.)

After everything is done, the alpha takes Dean home to become his newest omega wife (either the alpha's fifth or sixth wife), bedding and breeding him right away and coercing Dean's cooperating with the promise that he'll take in Sam (without turning him) once Dean proves his worth by successfully carrying his husband's offspring to term.

Possible alphas: Castiel, Alistair, Crowley (I'm not too picky, pretty much as long as it's not Bobby)

Please no scat, water works, incest, or piercings/tattoos. Any other kinks are perfectly fine.

Bottom Dean only, please don't repost with characters/positions changed.
!tofill  underage  turning  au  castration  forcedmarriage  dubcon  alpha/beta/omega  :spn  pairing:dean/omc(s) 
may 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: Jensen/Jared Forced marriage - the aftermath
When Jared was forced to marry the wealthy Jensen Ackles due to a ‘business contract’ three years ago, he swore he would never love or care for Jensen. Jensen wasn’t that bothered, sure he wanted Jared but it was a marriage of convenience, there were millions of other cute guys for Jensen to sleep with, plus he knew it was only a matter of time before Jared fell for his charm, and into his bed. Every guy did eventually. But that never happened and Jensen got bored of his faceless lovers. Jared still hates Jensen. Oh he plays the devoted and loving husband to perfection in public just like he was required to do, but in private…Jared can’t stand being around Jensen, and it’s getting to Jensen. Their marriage hasn’t even been consummated! Jensen is more than a little fed up with his husband. Oh he still wants his husband, that will never go. Yes, he knows Jared didn’t want this marriage, and they can’t get divorced, but Jensen isn’t a bad guy despite what Jared thinks and if Jared would just put out – or hell he'd take Jared smiling at him by this point, Jensen could be a good husband, could make Jared happy, and Jensen is tired of waiting, so hatches a plan with his friends & family to show Jared exactly how awesome their marriage could be. Of course nothing ever runs to plan…could be mpreg if wanted. Bottom!Jared only please. Please don't repost with any changes.
!tofill  rps  forcedmarriage  au  :spn  pairing:jared/jensen 
may 2016 by Mayalaen
Request: Jensen/Jared, married to protect family
Jared has always been raised a gold ol’ Texas boy, and family is everything. So when he discovers his brother has been defrauding the company he works for and faces a long prison sentence. Jared and his brother are struggling to raise their siblings and Jared can't let his brother go to prison. He'll do *anything*, including personally begging CEO Jensen Ackles on his knees.

But Jensen has a well earned hard reputation that even the most cut-throat business men think twice about offending, and not someone you ask a favour from. Jensen has no time of sentimentality or sob stories...but he does have time to ogle Jared’s very pretty face. Jensen is tired of the faceless one night stands and fortune hunters, and could also do with softening his image a bit. Jared gives him the perfect opportunity. So he offers Jared a deal over an enforced dinner: if Jared marries him, Jensen will forgive and forget the theft, and he'll take care of the Padalecki's financially. Jared knows he has no choice but can he marry a complete stranger, especially one who has such a cold reputation. But despite Jensen’s smug victory over Jared's acceptance, it turns out neither of them are remotely prepared for what has been agreed too...bottom!Jared only please. Please don't repost the prompt with anything altered.
!tofill  rps  marriage  pretendcouple  au  virgin!Jared  jerk!Jensen  bareback  blackmail  bottom!Jared  firsttime  oralsex  rimming  :spn  pairing:jared/jensen  top!Jensen  virgin  forcedmarriage 
may 2016 by Mayalaen
REPOST: Dean/Sam & Dean/Castiel, Outlander AU, bottom!Dean, forced marriage, non-con

I would like to see an AU attempt where Dean takes the place of Outlander's Claire Randall, Castiel as Frank Randall, and Sam as Jamie Fraser.
Dean and Castiel are happily married and have been for several years when Dean goes missing one day when they're out on holiday.

Dean wakes up to find that he's actually been transported back in time to the 18th century, where he gets taken in by a band of 'ruffians' after having narrowly escaped an attempted rape by someone (Captain James Novak) who looks very much like his husband. Sam's a member of the group Dean's encountered, and he takes a quick liking to the freckled stranger.

Dean's still in love with his husband, Castiel, but he's torn because he can see that he's beginning to develop feelings for Sam, too. He continually tries to make his way back to his time, but is always stopped before he can accomplish his task. Eventually events turn sour and he is forced into a hasty marriage with one of the clan's men he's been traveling with-- Sam Winchester.

I'd like for the plot to mostly follow that of the Outlander series (I've only seen S1 on Starz, and haven't had the chance to read the books yet, so please no spoilers past the S1 finale).

A/B/O dynamics can work with this story if author would like (I would prefer omega!Dean). Non-con, humiliation, mild torture are ok, too.

Thank you to whichever brave and lovely soul takes on this task.
!tofill  fps  au  forcedmarriage  noncon  pairing:dean/castiel  pairing:sam/dean  :spn 
may 2016 by Mayalaen
Forced-Marrige, Bottom!Jensen SuperToppybutProtective!Jared
In a world of Alpha and Beta men, Jensen was born a Beta. From the moment he and his family find this out he becomes nothing more than a bargining chip. They have little respect for Beta's and see him only as an object to be traded or sold for their own gain.

They end up selling him to the Padalecki's, as a husband for their son, Jared. Jensen has little choice and after years of being a second class citizen in his own family has become very submissive. He's scared to go and believes that if his own family doesn't really care about him he has no hope of ever being happy with someone who paid for him.

Jared though being an Alpha, and a total Toppy McTopperson is a good man, he treats Jensen kindly, with respect and consideration. His parents raised him to believe it is his responsibility and privilege to protect and cherish his Beta. Not dominate him in an abusive manner or treat him like his wants and needs are of little importance.

I'd really like a scene where Jensen finally realizes that he's safe and loved by both Jared and the whole Padalecki family. He breaks down in tears and just keeps saying "thank you, thank you" to Jared through his sobs.

And since it is a kink meme I would love a 'taking of Jensen's virginity' scene. Jared opening him up slowly and carefully.

It would also be cool if you showed how Jensen's parents run through the fortune they got for Jensen and end up filled with Jealousy because Jensen is clearly very well taken care of and he feels no obligation towards them.


P.S. I do realize this sounds like a kinky, man~love ciderella story. BUT I CAN'T HELP IT!
kink:sub!jensen  kink:virgin!jensen  kink:objectification  rps  pairing:jared/jensen  dubcon  alpha!Jared  alpha/beta/omega  beta!Jensen  bottom!Jensen  :spn  top!Jared  virgin  forcedmarriage 
february 2016 by Mayalaen
RT : If you are experiencing and in Scotland and . Call us. 0800 027 1234
domesticabuse  forcedmarriage  needtotalk  from twitter
february 2016 by sarcas
I don't want your Happy Ending

Jensen Alpha
Jared Omega

Can be switched.

Jensen comes from a rich and powerful family. He's a playboy type who refuses to settle down and mate the omega that his father picks out. Jensen is very spoiled and has had everything handed to him his whole life. His father has put up with a lot of Jensen's crap but he is at the end of his rope. He tells Jensen that either mates or he is cut off from everything. Jensen will be broke.

Jensen and his alpha friends go and get very drunk and Jensen who is out of his mind decides he'll mate, but he wants to find someone his father would hate. Of course his buddies egg him on, so they drive to the poorest part of town where they spot their pray.

Jared is an unmated omega who works two jobs to make ends meet. This night he worked a few extra hours at his job and has to walk home. This is dangerous for an unmated omega but what choice does he have? Omegas are not allowed to drive and its too late for public transportation to be operating.

Jensen can't believe his luck, Jared is exactly what his father would hate. Too poor, too tall, too thin, hair too long. He and his friends pull the car over and begin stalking Jared.

Jared knows the moment the alphas get out of their car whats gonna happen and he runs trying to get away but that only feeds their frenzy. Jared's hell begins when Jensen catches Jared and mates and claims him while his friends watch. It doesn't get better after the mating, Jensen's father is furious, Jensen sobers up and can't believe he's mated for life to Jared.
Jared is mated to an alpha who can't look at him, a new family that at best ignores him. The Media scrutinizes everything Jared wears, does, says, causing nothing but problems between Jensen and Jared.

Not sure if these two can find a happy ending. Up to anon.
kink:omega!jared  jerk!Jensen  WIP:finished  rps  alpha!Jensen  alpha/beta/omega  angst  bonding  characterdeath(minor)  noncon  humiliation  mating  :spn  pairing:jared/jensen  forcedmarriage  hurt!Jared  hurt!Jensen 
october 2015 by Mayalaen
Jared/Jensen - historical-ish AU, dub-con, bondage
One of the ways a man could get a wife was to raid a neighboring village - grab a woman, throw her over his horse and take her back to his hut. If the man could keep her from running away for a set (consecutive) period of time they were "married."

Jared grabs Jensen on one such raid.

I couldn't decide if this should be a girl!Jensen or a oops!grabbed guy Jensen same rules apply prompt ~ I leave that to you anon.
rps  pairing:jared/jensen  dubcon  bondage  :spn  girl!Jensen  forcedmarriage  historical  kidnapping 
june 2015 by Mayalaen

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