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Thomas Keller’s Butternut Squash Soup With Brown Butter Recipe - NYT Cooking
Really delicious. Don't bother trying to sieve this, it won't work. Don't bother with the stiff peaks etc. You can use one or two allium types.
butternut  sage  leek  carrot  shallot  onion  garlic  honey  parsley  bay  creme-fraiche  nutmeg  butter  olive-oil  soup  winter  for-cait 
january 2019 by amsone
Lamb Tagine Recipe - NYT Cooking
Really nice but very rich. You subbed water for stock, harissa for t paste, more turmeric for saffron, mint for parsley and cilantro, and pine nuts for almonds. Leave scallions off next time. Maybe consider some p lemon.
lamb  dried-apricot  onion  ginger  cinnamon  turmeric  nutmeg  mint  nuts  tagine  north-african  winter  for-cait 
november 2018 by amsone
Fancy Meatloaf Recipe - NYT Cooking
Good. Very similar to Frankies meatball, if you're looking for a diff. flav you want a diff. thing. But the lemon is very noticeable!
beef  pork  pancetta  lemon  parsley  parmesan  fall  winter  for-cait  baked 
october 2018 by amsone
The Best Chicken Paprikash Recipe | Serious Eats
Good, you can make as written (minus gelatin) plus a sour cream dollop garnish.
chicken-stock  chicken  onion  bell-pepper  paprika  bay  sour-cream  fish-sauce  lemon  parsley  egg-noodle  recipe  for-cait  dinner  winter 
december 2017 by amsone
Eggplant Parmesan Recipe on Food52
Cait's fave. Takes longer to make than you think (2.5-3h)
eggplant  flour  olive-oil  parmesan  mozzarella  tomato  garlic  italian  winter  recipe  for-cait 
december 2017 by amsone
Smothered Pork Chops Recipe - NYT Cooking
This basic technique is good even if you don't brine the chops (salt them, rest, then add some five-spice, cayenne, and black pepper to the flour) and only do a quicker ~10m reduction of less stock (1C was enough to reduce for a sauce for two chops).
pork-chop  flour  onion  stock  parsley  southern  recipe  for-cait 
september 2017 by amsone
Fish Tacos Recipe - NYT Cooking
This is good, use this fish tek. Sauces you can handle yourself en el estilo Mexicano.
flour  chile  milk  oil  white-fish  fish  tortilla  mexican  recipe  taco  for-cait  summer 
may 2017 by amsone
Spring Antipasto Platter Recipe - NYT Cooking
This was good! 1/2 lb of cheese is enough for 4, if you add a little more veg and two meats. Also consider broiling/roasting the asparagus as well!
scallion  asparagus  pea  fennel  prosciutto  mint  mozzarella  antipasti  italian  recipe  spring  for-cait 
april 2017 by amsone
Penelope Casa's Garlic Green Beans (Judias Verdes con Ajo) Recipe on Food52
So good, so simple. Sizzle green beans on med-high in butter until they brown, lower heat, cover and steam in their own juices for 15", add a clove or two crushed garlic and salt, cover for another minute and serve.
green-beans  butter  garlic  sauteed  for-cait 
april 2017 by amsone
Butter Chicken Recipe - NYT Cooking
Remove the skin, use half as much cream as it calls for. Add the chile with the garlic/ginger, and the tomato paste with the cinnamon stick. Consider roasting the chicken at high temperature (after scraping off the marinade and using it for the sauce); the braise adds nothing to the chicken, I think. You can also omit the oil and probably use less butter.
yogurt  lemon  turmeric  garam-masala  cumin  chicken  chicken-thigh  butter  onion  garlic  ginger  cinnamon  chile  cream  tomato-paste  almond  cilantro  recipe  british-indian  braised  for-cait 
april 2017 by amsone
Chicken Tacos With Chipotle Recipe - NYT Cooking
This is a good basic tinga. The secret is to use like literally half as much onion as you do chicken, plus the garlic/cumin (you put coriander also because you were lazy and it was already blended with the cumin, my guy!!).

Also if you have shredded chicken already go ahead and use it.
mexican  tacos  weeknight  for-cait  recipe 
january 2017 by amsone
Pot Roast Recipe - NYT Cooking
This was good--you need more liquid (and water's fine) due to your loose dutch oven fit. Subbing celeriac for rutabaga works, I bet any other root vegetable would, too. Adding thyme is good. Consider dicing the onion (also, whatever kind is fine) to make it more of a sauce, it didn't add much left large. Fuck around with it, this is a good base.
beef  onion  carrot  celery  mushroom  parsnip  garlic  tomato-paste  bay  rosemary  red-wine  thyme  braised  winter  for-cait 
december 2016 by amsone
Eggplant With Lamb, Tomato and Pine Nuts Recipe - NYT Cooking
This is good, the small dish works. There will only be two layers of eggplant, fuck the pine nut browning step, fuck the extra water, it'll be done after more like 45-60.
eggplant  olive-oil  onion  garlic  lamb  cinnamon  pine-nut  tomato  mozzarella  recipe  winter  for-cait 
december 2016 by amsone
Poulet à la Normande Recipe - NYT Cooking
This is good (use duck fat or render fat from skin trimmings), but maybe caramelize the apples in the chicken fat before you flambé? Also garnish with some parsley or pepper or both or something, this shit is beige af.
chicken  duck-fat  calvados  cider  onion  apple  cornstarch  creme-fraiche  french  recipe  for-cait 
december 2016 by amsone
Squash, apricot, and lemon tagine
(Adapted from Yotam Ottolenghi's "sweet and sour tagine".)

For 2.

1/2 onion, sliced
1 small jalapeño, minced
Pat butter

Sauté in a large saucepan for 10".

3/4 lb winter squash (buttern...
onion  jalapeño  butter  squash  coriander  ginger  turmeric  nutmeg  cardamom  cinnamon  bay  chicken-stock  dried-apricot  preserved-lemon  middle-eastern  for-cait  recipe  tagine  from notes
october 2016 by amsone
Serves 2.

1 small onion, sliced thinly lengthwise
1 red bell pepper, stemmed, seeds removed, sliced thinly lengthwise
1 T olive oil

Sauté the vegetables over medium-high heat for 10" or so un...
onion  pepper  olive-oil  jalapeno  garlic  paprika  cumin  coriander  cinnamon  turmeric  tomato  mint  egg  olive  yogurt  bread  brunch  recipe  for-cait  from notes
october 2016 by amsone

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