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This rendition of the rules by Neil Bowers.

Background unknown. It is also marketed as Quo Vadis (by Invicta).

The board is as below:
+-----+ +-----+ +-----+ +-----+ +-----+ +-----+ +-----+
| | | | | | | /-\ | | | | | | |
A | | | | | | | |X| | | | | | | | B
| | | | | | | \-/ | | | | | | |
+-----+ +-----+ +-----+ +-----+ +-----+ +-----+ +-----+

The two players A and B sit at opposite ends of the row. At the
start of the game a token is placed in the central square. Each
player starts off with 50 points.

At each move both player writes down the number of points to expend
on that move. The player who wrote the highest number moves the
token one space towards (him|her)self, and both players subtract the
number of points from the current total.

The aim of the game is to get the token to the square closest to you.
If one player runs out of points, the other can keep making moves.
If both players run out, then a draw or half victory can be declared.

The game can obviously be varied by changing the number of squares
and starting points.

Rules rendition by Neil Bowers, Leeds, England
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june 2014 by luniki
Vying Games : Footsteps
Footsteps is a very simple bidding game described by someone named Chris at Everything2. Beyond that, we, here at Vying Games, have no idea who may have invented Footsteps, or when, or where it's played, or if there are any interesting variations. That sa
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february 2008 by luniki
Powering Up, One Step at a Time
"We can harvest between 5 to 7 watts of energy per footstep that is currently being wasted into the ground... And a passing train can generate very useful energy to run signaling or to power lights."
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july 2006 by Olly

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