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Rams Week 6 report card: Grading every position vs. Broncos
Running back
Statistically, Todd Gurley had the best rushing day of his career. He gained 208 yards on 28 carries, also scoring two touchdowns on the ground. He was seemingly impossible to stop for the Broncos, who have been gashed by running backs in consecutive weeks.
In addition to Gurley running all over Denver, Malcolm Brown added 24 yards on five carries of his own, contributing to the cause.

Grade: A+
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Aaron Donald makes PFF’s Team of the Week with 93.2 overall grade
There are few players as good as Aaron Donald and he has the numbers to prove it. Even when he’s not racking up three sacks in a game, he’s wreaking havoc and drawing holding penalties to set the offense back.
He had one sack and three total tackles on Sunday against the Broncos, earning a spot on Pro Football Focus’ Team of the Week. Donald is a near-lock to make the team each week, given the impact he has on every game.
Donald rushed the passer 46 times on Sunday, racking up a sack, a hit and 10 hurries in the process. Generating pressure on more than a quarter of his pass-rushing snaps, Donald has now registered four sacks, four hits and 33 hurries through six games this season.
His overall grade of 93.2 from Week 6 was the second-best of any player, only trailing Desmond King of the Chargers (93.4). Donald was a big reason for the Rams’ much-improved run defense, too, which only gave up 60 yards rushing.
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2018 NFL power rankings, Week 7: LA Rams, on top - Turf Show Times
For the fourth week in a row, the Rams are atop the NFL.
2018 NFL Power Rankings Summary - Week 7
Metric Ranking
Average ranking (# of rankings) 1
Average change from last week 0.00
Highest ranking (source) 1st (multiple sources)
Lowest ranking (source) 1st (multiple sources)
Biggest positive change (source) 0 (multiple sources)
Biggest negative change (source) 0 (multiple sources)
SB Nation: 1st (previously: 1st)
The Patriots and Chiefs are still taking a back seat to the 6-0 Rams. And though Los Angeles has been slowed down in recent weeks (the Rams only beat the Seahawks by two and the Broncos by three), they’re the NFL’s only remaining undefeated team.
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Sean McVay: Officials are missing ‘a lot of holdings’ on Aaron Donald
After nearly two years of negotiating, the Los Angeles Rams finally rewarded Aaron Donald with a massive six-year, $135 million contract this offseason. It made him the highest-paid defensive player in NFL history before Khalil Mack one-upped him, setting a new standard for players on that side of the ball.
He’s one of the most dominant players in the league regardless of position and has been for years, but his newfound money hasn’t changed him. He’s remained a game-wrecker at defensive tackle for the Rams, constantly commanding the attention of nearly every offensive lineman around him.
Through six games, he has four sacks and 17 total tackles, but his impact goes far beyond the stat sheet. If you count the number of holding penalties he’s drawn, too, you begin to see why the Rams were happy to lock him up for six more years.
There are also holds that go uncalled, too, which even Sean McVay admits officials are missing.
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NFL Rankings - NFL Football - USA TODAY
1 Los Angeles Rams 6-0 1 / 5 Now we know they own all-weather offense. But they'll hardly need it in playoffs, where they'll be playing in L.A., New Orleans and/or Atlanta.
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NFL Week 7 power rankings: Rams still No. 1, but Patriots closing in
Entering Week 6, there was still some discussion as to who was the best team in the NFL. Most leaned toward the Los Angeles Rams, but there were plenty of people saying the Kansas City Chiefs deserved that title.
Well, with six weeks in the books, the Rams are the only undefeated team in the NFL, owning the best record in football. They’re also No. 1 in most – if not all – power rankings heading into Week 7.
That’s the case in USA TODAY’s poll, but a certain team in the AFC is creeping up at No. 2.
Now we know they own all-weather offense. But they’ll hardly need it in playoffs, where they’ll be playing in L.A., New Orleans and/or Atlanta.
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LA Rams at Denver Broncos: Stock up, stock down - Turf Show Times
Stock Up
RB Todd Gurley
Unreal. Gurley toted the rock 28 times for 208 rushing yards and two touchdowns. Not only that, but Gurley had another two receptions for 17 yards. This wasn’t just a great game from Gurley, it was something the Rams hadn’t seen for 17 years since Marshall Faulk rushed for over 200 yards in 2001. Gurley averaged 7.4 yards per carry. Keep feeding the horse!
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yesterday by rgl7194
5 crazy stats from Rams’ Week 6 win vs. Broncos
Gurley is Rams’ first 200-yard rusher since 2001
This may seem hard to believe, but prior to Sunday, Gurley had never gone over 200 yards rushing in his NFL career. In fact, no Rams running back had eclipsed 200 yards on the ground since 2001. The last player to do it was Marshall Faulk, who had 202 yards on 30 carries, adding two touchdowns and another 50 yards receiving. He was beat out by Kurt Warner for NFL MVP that year.
Gurley had exact same numbers in career-best game at Georgia
Speaking of Gurley and 200-yard days, he’s had a couple of those. Sunday obviously set a career-high for him in that department, but this isn’t the first time he’s eclipsed 200 yards rushing. He did the same at Georgia, posting the exact numbers he had on Sunday against Denver: 28 carries, 208 yards and two touchdowns.
That game in college came against Tennessee in 2014, adding another 30 yards receiving on four catches. Against the Broncos, he had just two catches for 17 yards, but the rushing numbers remain identical.
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Todd Gurley rushes for personal-best 208 yards on Sunday
DENVER -- Todd Gurley II turned up the music and danced with fellow Los Angeles Rams running backs in a postgame locker room celebration on Sunday.
In the preceding hours, Gurley rushed for a career-high 208 yards and two touchdowns in a 23-20 victory over the Denver Broncos inside a frigid Broncos Stadium at Mile High.
"It was a team effort," Gurley said after the game. "Everybody did a great job, and it was just kind of easy for me, honestly, because those guys did such a great job."
The Rams improved to 6-0 as Gurley became the first Rams player to rush for 200 yards and two touchdowns since Marshall Faulk in 2001, when Faulk rushed for 202 yards and two touchdowns in a Week 15 win over the Carolina Panthers.
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LA Rams at Denver Broncos: Report card has uneven marks in road win - Turf Show Times
Running Backs
Todd Gurley finished with a whopping career high 208 yards on 28 carries, averaging 7.4 YPC and basically chewing up yardage like PacMan after a month on NutriSystem for Men (seriously, though, have you tried one of those tiny pizzas?). Much credit here goes to the offensive line in this area as there were holes for days out there, and Gurley didn’t miss many. Insert any and all football cliches you like: with two more TDs rushing today, Gurley is in the midst of one of the greatest two-year stretches the position has ever seen.
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Rams are last undefeated team in NFL, first time since 2001
For those Los Angeles Rams fans who went to bed a bit early on Sunday night, they woke up with a nice little surprise. Hours after the Rams moved to 6-0 with a win over the Denver Broncos, the only other remaining undefeated team in the NFL dropped its first game of the season.
The Patriots knocked off the Chiefs at home by a score of 43-40 in what was an instant classic – a game that absolutely lived up to the hype. In doing so, the Rams are now the last undefeated team in the NFL, owning the best record in football.
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Peter Brackley's charming delivery underlined our emotional bonds with football commentators
The eagerness with which Brackley tucked into the surnames of Italian football's peak years certainly added to the thrill of this rare, pre-YouTube glimpse into football beyond the English Channel (his son's classmates, one Brackley anecdote goes, used to greet him with cries of "Rrrrrravanelliiiii!") and it was a decade-long chapter of his career that he remained fond of.
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