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Sean Payton: Saints will 'never get over' blown pass interference call
NEW ORLEANS -- Sean Payton said the NFL's head of officials told him the officials "blew the call" by not penalizing the Los Angeles Rams for pass interference late in the fourth quarter of Sunday's NFC Championship Game.
And Payton said he and the New Orleans Saints will "probably never get over it" after the Rams went on to win 26-23 in overtime.
"For a call like that not to be made, man, it's just hard to swallow. And then to get a phone call ..." Payton said, trailing off. He added: "We spoke initially, then I called to follow up. And the first thing [head of officials Alberto Riveron] said when I got on the phone -- 'We messed it up.'
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LA Rams at New Orleans Saints NFC Championship: Report card - Turf Show Times
It’s “We Not Me” for a reason. Let’s see who stepped up the most in the LA Rams’ dramatic win.
A grade
Going 25-40 for 297 yards, QB Jared Goff had some panicky moments, but his turnover wasn’t his fault and there were some drops that kept his pretty solid numbers down. The dime that Goff threw to WR Brandin Cooks in the 4th quarter was enough for me. What are you gonna do? I like the kid.
Defensive Line
A plus grade
It felt like RB Alvin Kamara was everywhere, but the New Orleans Saints run game was shut down for the most part. And DT Ndamukong Suh got to QB Drew Brees in an emphatic sack that was a great momentum moment. The Los Angeles Rams really needed to get pressure on Brees and they did exactly that. It wasn’t just Goff who was uncomfortable during the game.
Special Teams
A plus grade
Amazing. The fake punt. The 57-yard kick. Loved it.
A grade
The fake punt was huge. Coach McVay’s legend grows!
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LA Rams at New Orleans Saints: Stock up, stock down - Turf Show Times
Stock Up
QB Jared Goff
For about 80% of that game, Jared Goff was average at best. It was the remaining 20% where his testicles of pure platinum came to light. The surgical drive right before half where he led the Rams down field to score a touchdown was incredible, and the two final drives (one in regular time, one in overtime) of the game were downright legendary. Goff managed to evade multiple sacks and instead turned them into completions for positive yardage to TE Tyler Higbee. Goff is proving that the moment simply isn’t too big for him, and now the kid is merely 60 minutes away from enshrining himself as a downright Rams legend.
DT Ndamukong Suh
If you didn’t think Ndamukong Suh was worth his contract after the regular season, do you think he is now? Suh has made himself quite pronounced these past two weeks in the playoffs as a monster against the run, and now showing up as a pass rusher. Suh had four tackles, 1.5 sacks, and one tackle-for-loss in the contest, though he was even more fantastic than a stat sheet could record.
K Greg Zuerlein
I mean, what is there to say about this man other than he is a hero? Greg went 4/4 on field goals and 2/2 on extra points, scoring both of the final kicks in regular time and overtime. GZ was arguably the brightest star today, kudos to the legend.
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Watch: Zuerlein’s game-winning kick is better with Titanic music
The Los Angeles Rams are headed to the Super Bowl after defeating the New Orleans Saints in the NFC championship game. Kicker Greg Zuerlein had three clutch field goals late, with a 57-yarder in overtime being the icing on the cake.
Zuerlein’s incredible kick is absolutely incredible but the touch of Titanic music makes it even better.
It’s hard to get better than a game-winning 57-yard field goal, but somehow, Celine Dion’s iconic song makes everything that much sweeter.
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3 key takeaways from Rams’ stunning win over Saints
The Los Angeles Rams are headed to the Super Bowl. Just a couple of years ago, that sentence would’ve sounded unbelievable, but Sean McVay made it a reality in just his second year as coach with the Rams defeating the Saints 26-23 in overtime. As the Rams await the outcome of the Patriots-Chiefs game to see who they’ll be playing, here are three key takeaways from the NFC championship game:
1. Greg Zuerlein is a Rams legend for life
Zuerlein’s overtime kick wasn’t just perfect from 57 yards out, it looked like it would’ve been good from 65-plus. The snap was less than ideal, with Johnny Hekker having to pick it up off the ground, but Zuerlein was locked in and left no doubt with a kick right down the middle.
Along with the 48-yarder that he hit in the final minute of regulation, Zuerlein made two lengthy kicks on the road with the most pressure a kicker can ever be under. He’s the MVP of the game, as very few kickers in NFL history would’ve made both those kicks back-to-back. John Fassel’s special teams units have been a massive part of the Rams’ success the past couple of years, and it’d be hard to overstate Zuerlein’s impact.
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Watch: Greg Zuerlein sends Rams to Super Bowl LIII with 57-yard FG
The Los Angeles Rams are going to the Super Bowl thanks to the leg of Greg Zuerlein.
First, he made a 48-yarder to send the NFC championship game against the New Orleans Saint to overtime, and then he drilled a 57-yarder in overtime to win the game.
Here’s the kick, in case you missed it.
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Rams stun Saints 26-23 in overtime, reach Super Bowl: Instant analysis
The Los Angeles Rams didn’t lead for one second in regulation. Yet, somehow, someway, they battled back to overcome a 13-0 deficit, beating the New Orleans Saints in overtime, 26-23.
With the win, the Rams advance to the Super Bowl for the first time since 2001. Here’s our instant analysis of the epic victory.
Game balls
Greg Zuerlein: Game-tying, game-winning FG
Jared Goff: 25-for-40, 297 yards, 1 TD, 1 INT
Ndamukong Suh: 1.5 sacks, 4 tackles, 2 QBH, 1 TFL
Stat of the game
5.6: Rams gained 5.6 yards per play in this game, compared to 4.5 by the Saints.
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LA Rams 26, NOSaints 23: Overtime ends, onto Superbowl 53!!!!! - Turf Show Times
My oh my, here we go. Superbowl 53, we’re coming!!!!!
Man oh man, talk about a thriller.
The Los Angeles Rams and New Orleans Saints went back and forth for four quarters, and that simply wasn’t enough as the game was extended to overtime.
The game will be over-shadowed by some spotty referee work, but that’s how it is. Plenty of calls were blown on both ends, so at least that’s the case.
That’s alright, because Greg Zuerlein comes in clutch twice. Once to tie the game and send it to overtime, and once to win the game on a 57-yard field goal. The offense played inconsistently at times, but they really came through when it counted the most. Defensively, they made enough plays, especially the interception from SS John Johnson III in overtime to give the offense the ball.
Jared Goff made multiple game-saving drives on the final drive as he avoided multiple sacks to gain yardage on darts to TE Tyler Higbee.
My word. The Los Angeles Rams are headed back to the Superbowl.
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Rams vs. Saints - Game Recap - January 20, 2019 - ESPN
NEW ORLEANS -- Greg Zuerlein kicked a 57-yard field goal in overtime to send the Los Angeles Rams to the Super Bowl with a 26-23 victory over the New Orleans Saints in the NFC championship game Sunday.
The stunning finish came after New Orleans got the ball first in the extra period. Under pressure, Drew Brees fluttered up a pass that was picked off by John Johnson III, who was able to hang on to the interception while falling onto his back.
The Rams weren't able to do much offensively, but it didn't matter. Zuerlein, who had already delivered a tying 48-yard kick with 15 seconds left in regulation, booted through the winning field goal with plenty of room to spare.
The Superdome, which had been in uproar all afternoon, suddenly turned eerily silent. It was the first home playoff loss for the Saints with Brees and coach Sean Payton.
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Watch: Johnny Hekker does it again, pulls off fake punt vs. Saints
The Rams were aggressive in their first meeting with the Saints back in Week 9 and that hasn’t changed on Sunday in the NFC championship. Trailing 13-0 in the second quarter and facing a fourth-and-5 from their own 30-yard line, Sean McVay called for a fake punt.
Unlike their fake field goal in Week 9, this one was successful.
Johny Hekker hit Sam Shields on the outside for the first down, moving the sticks in what’s the biggest play of the game so far.
Hekker, who’s the best fake-punt artist in the NFL, was fired up after the play.
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Shaquem Griffin: Your Best Never Comes Easy | Gillette & The NFL (Short Film) - YouTube
Published on Sep 13, 2018
NFL rookie Shaquem Griffin knows that nothing comes easy. From earning defensive player of the year in college, to suiting up for the Seattle Seahawks, hard work and a dedicated father have helped Shaquem overcome any obstacle. We are proud to share his inspiring story. More Gillette commercials:
Learn more about Shaquem Griffin’s story:
Subscribe for the latest Gillette videos:
More Gillette Channels:
This Gillette NFL commercial is about the inspiring story behind Shaquem Griffin's journey to the NFL.
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Los Angeles Rams back CJ Anderson is enjoying unexpected playoff run -- NFL 2018
WHEN CORTRELLE JAVON Anderson begins to run, when he has his short and fat (his words, not mine) body headed toward the line of scrimmage, you'd be forgiven if you were momentarily alarmed by the idea that he intends to disappear. His shoulders hunch, his torso appears to retract, and his Doric thighs look like they're going to sink into the turf. He's listed at 5-foot-8 (maybe) and 225 pounds (please), so he's low to the ground to start, especially compared to everybody around him. With a football in his hands, he practically tunnels. If it ever becomes possible, and legal, to take a subterranean route down the field, bet on him being the first.
There is very little in the way of decoration. Football guys describe runners like C.J. Anderson by saying they know how to use the field. He is wide. He is short. He is strong. He has remarkable balance and great vision and employs just enough subtle deception to leave linebackers tackling air. If he can't fool them, he is perfectly content to go directly through them. It is brutal art.
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Rams’ Jared Goff is a great quarterback … occasionally | Canoe
Look, there’s no question Jared Goff is one of the top young passers in the NFL. Maybe the best after Patrick Mahomes.
As the Los Angeles Rams’ No. 1 overall draft pick in 2016, Goff has blossomed big-time since the arrival of offensive-whiz head coach Sean McVay.
But some want to anoint Goff as one of the game’s superstar quarterbacks already. While he’s close, and in some games sure as heck looks the part, he’s not there yet.
The 24-year-old’s youth and inexperience continue to show more than maybe casual NFL fans realize, and more than he’d surely like to be the case, in spite of the fact Goff has led the Rams to a 25-7 record over the past two seasons, including back-to-back NFC West titles.
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Todd Gurley proving he’s mature beyond his years with shared backfield
...The best example of “we not me,” however, has come from Todd Gurley and C.J. Anderson in the backfield. Gurley, who has more touches than any player in the NFL the last two seasons, saw Anderson get seven more carries than him in the biggest game of the season on Saturday. Despite being fully healthy, the Rams leaned on Anderson, giving him 23 carries compared to Gurley’s 16.
There wasn’t a peep out of Gurley during or after the game, besides him celebrating his teammate’s two touchdowns and 123 yards rushing. He wasn’t pounding the table for more touches. He wasn’t complaining about being on the sideline for a crucial fourth-and-goal from the 1-yard line.
On Thursday, he talked about what it feels like to share the backfield with Anderson after owning the position for about four years. His answer showed maturity and perfectly encapsulated McVay’s slogan...
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The Sean McVay era is here, but good luck replicating what the Rams' coach has done - Los Angeles Rams Blog- ESPN
THOUSAND OAKS, Calif. -- Wade Phillips understands the current coaching market.
He understands it so much so that the Los Angeles Rams' defensive coordinator seized the opportunity in front of a large media contingent to offer the credentials of his son, Wes Phillips, who is a tight ends coach for the Washington Redskins.
“Wes is a young offensive coach that knows Sean McVay,” Phillips said, serious as ever, “if anybody is looking for a head coach.”
The room laughed. And it seems far-fetched, yet somehow it wouldn’t be shocking if Wes Phillips’ phone began to ring.
Call it the Sean McVay Effect.
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