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august 2019 by gwippich
Apollo 11 - Movie @ omdb
I liked the sense of being there. I liked the emphasis on peace of those involved. the emptiness and vacuum of space is terrifying. enjoyed the sound design. would like to watch the building tension rocket scenes without the onscreen counters, and in total darkness. imagine what russian and american engineers could have achieved if they had been collaborating.
watched  apollo  11  documentary  footage  moon  landing  space  rocket  america  USA  peace 
july 2019 by noii
Yippee!! Camp Hollywood 2019 at John D’Aquino’s acting studio has begun! 💛🎭🐻😊🤘🏼
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july 2019 by tolkien
Royalty-Free Stock Video Footage and Music Library | Pond5
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Royalty  free  stock  footage  archive  video  current  affairs  documentary  film 
july 2019 by TonkyC

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