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Defining El Sur Latino | Tore Olsson | Southern Foodways Alliance
Yet to me, “El Sur Latino” also communicates the deep impact that the US South has had upon Latin America. Back in the nineteenth century, southern slaveholders instigated a war with Mexico that seized more than half of its national territory. Later on, southern expansionists envisioned a vast slave-holding empire stretching across the Caribbean and into Central America; only the Civil War squashed such dreams. Into the twentieth century, the South’s influence continued to be felt across Latin America. My own research examines how during the 1940s, rural development experts with experience in the southern Cotton Belt sought to transform Latin American agriculture in the image of the American South, a campaign that would ultimately impact millions of campesinos – peasants – across the western hemisphere. Then, during the Cold War, hundreds if not thousands of Latin American counter-revolutionaries convened for training at the US Army’s School of the Americas in Fort Benning, Georgia – thus embedding the rural South in the tempestuous political violence that plagued Latin America for so many decades.
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