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Why Winnipeg's Stella's food chain is taking a pass on Skip the Dishes | CBC News
Really interesting take on what it's like for the restaurants operating with these food delivery app companies.

As an aside, Stella's has also been in the news for...less...stellar...reasons <_<;
april 2019 by shadowspar
The Missing Piece in Big Food’s Innovation Puzzle
April 1, 2019 | WSJ | by By Carol Ryan.

.......In truth, they are becoming reliant on others to do the heavy lifting. Specialist food ingredient companies like Tate & Lyle and Kerry Group work with global brands behind the scenes to come up with new ideas. These businesses can spend two to three times more on innovation as a percentage of turnover than their biggest clients.

One part of their expertise is overhauling recipes. Ingredients companies can do everything from adding trendy probiotics to taking out excess sugar or gluten. Nestlé got a hand from Tate & Lyle to remove more sugar from its Nesquik range of flavored drinks, while Denmark’s Chr. Hansen helped Kraft Heinz switch from artificial to natural colors in the U.S. giant’s Macaroni & Cheese......Another service food suppliers offer is coming up with successful innovations to help revive sales. Nestlé’s ruby chocolate KitKat, which has become very popular in Asia, was actually created by U.S. cocoa producer Barry Callebaut, for example.

See also, "For innovation success, do not follow the money"
07-Nov-2005 | Financial Times | By Michael Schrage "There is
no correlation between the percentage of net revenue spent on R&D
and the innovative capabilities of an organisation – none,"...Just ask
General Motors. No company in the world has spent more on R&D over
the past 25 years. Yet, somehow, GM's market share has
declined....R&D productivity – not R&D investment – is the real
challenge for global innovation. Innovation is not what innovators
innovate, it is what customers actually adopt. Productivity here is not
measured in patents granted but in new customers won and existing
customers profitably retained..
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april 2019 by jerryking
Coco Ichibanya Curry House — Honorable Rat
lol nice: "I would consider 3 and above to be a curry dish. Anything below that, would be considered stew."
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january 2019 by shadowspar
Food Distributors Make Changes as Costs Bite
Nov. 23, 2018 | WSJ | By Heather Haddon.

Food distributors, the intermediaries between packaged-food makers and farmers on one side and restaurants and grocers on the other, are especially sensitive to cost pressures. Their operations are less automated than those of some other businesses, increasing their exposure to the worker shortages and rising wages that come with a tight labor market. Surging demand is also pushing up the cost of for-hire transportation.

To adapt to rising logistics and shipping expenses, distributors say they are shifting some deliveries to smaller trucks that don’t need full rig loads. They are also trying to pack trucks more efficiently and break down delivery routes to make them shorter. Some distributors are also turning to online brokers, like the Freight unit of Uber Technologies Inc., that use technology to match cargo with available trucks, a process some say is faster and more efficient.
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november 2018 by jerryking

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