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Gallo Pinto (Costa Rican Beans and Rice) | Striped Spatula
Traditionally served with breakfast alongside fried or scrambled eggs, Gallo Pinto is a hearty and delicious side. It's easy to prepare, too!
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2 hours ago by yarngeek
Tonight’s dinner is gallo pinto with optional pork...
-About 2 cups of rice (so 4 cups of water)

-A can of black beans if you’re short on time or low spooned (or a good ol’ fashion all day soak of a couple cups of black beans till they’re soft and you feel like they taste pretty good for plain black beans that have been soaking all day.)

-an onion. I prefer red, but I used white all through college and it was fine. Why red? No idea. I just like red onions.

-oil- olive/canola is probably best.

-various spices, but even just salt and ...
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2 hours ago by yarngeek

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