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Why Supplementing with Prebiotic Fiber Makes Sense - David Perlmutter M.D.
"There are many forms of prebiotic fiber available at health food stores. Clearly one of the most well-tolerated forms is derived from acacia gum which seems to be much better tolerated then other forms like fructose oligosaccharides and inulin."
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8 hours ago by magnusc
Guisados - mexican in Boyle Heights

Guisados Burbank 312 N. San Fernando Blvd. Burbank CA 91502
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9 hours ago by cnk
The Pressure Cooker Makes Rich, Hearty Ragù Bolognese in Record Time | Serious Eats
I haven't actually kept track of what the trigger is that leads me to make ragù Bolognese year after year, like clockwork. Good thing I love the stuff. This year, in the midst of some epic pressure cooker testing (stay tuned for the results), I decided to see if I could adapt the recipe to work in a pressure cooker, hopefully cutting down on cooking time while building flavor in the process.
pressure  cooker  bolognese  kenji  food 
10 hours ago by llimllib
How to Eat Lobster | The Art of Manliness
When you eat lobster, don’t ruin the experience by destroying this beautiful crustacean with your over-eager man hands
food  guide  artofmanliness 
15 hours ago by geglover
Here's Why American Extra Virgin Olive Oil Is Better - Gear Patrol
Five American makers of authentic extra virgin olive oil, from Katz Farms to large-scale operations like California Olive Ranch.
food  guide  gearpatrol 
16 hours ago by geglover
The 8 Best Food Markets Around the World
Whether you’re looking to taste your way through the stalls or stock up on souvenirs, the eight best food markets around the world help you make the most of your trip.
travel  guide  jetsetter  food 
16 hours ago by geglover
2015 International Year of Soils
The main problem humanity is currently facing is not global warming, extinction of species or any other environmental crisis – the main problem we will have to face is the degradation of our soils. The world population continues to increase while we destroy more and more topsoil. If this is allowed to continue there won’t be enough fertile soil left to feed a growing world population.

Some disturbing facts are:

● 24 billion tonnes of fertile or 12 million hectares topsoil are lost every year.  
● 25% of the earth’s surface has already become degraded.  This could feed 1.5 billion people.
● The UN FAO calculated that we have about 60 years of harvests left – and then?
from:FAO  food  farming  apocalypse  OrganicFood 
17 hours ago by owenblacker

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