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Vegan Fish Tacos with Cilantro-Lime Corn Slaw - Vegan Huggs
Refreshing veggies, zesty lime flavor, addictive spicy heat, and a subtle ocean-like flavor make these Vegan Fish Tacos perfect for your Taco Tuesday rotation.  I recently came across this fish…

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from Vegan Huggs
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11 hours ago by jaredb
Salsa Poached Eggs and Grits - Budget Bytes
Okay, so maybe it’s not salsa poached eggs, but it’s a really delicious homemade salsa-like sauce that cooks and infuses your eggs with flavor, all in one skillet. This breakfast is super easy, really filling (huge portions) and most of all tasty. It was kind of a “sweep the pantry” type of recipe. I knew I wanted eggs poached in a tomato sauce but the rest was whatever I had waiting to be used up (green chiles, green onions, and grits). Luckily, the final product was a winner. A REAL winner.
13 hours ago by cmiller
My protein-packed vegan breakfast costs me 60 cents a day - Oh My Dollar!
7 years ago, I started eating tacos for breakfast every morning. I haven't stopped. It's less than $.60 each day, fast, and full of protein.
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13 hours ago by davidmerrique

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