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If you have an Instant Pot, then you must download this FREE cookbook & how-to guide - 9to5Toys
Amazon offers downloads of the Instant Pot Cookbook: The Ultimate Guide Plus 101 Delicious Recipes Kindle eBook for FREE. Same at Barnes & Noble for NOOK. That’s $9 under buying the paperback edition. via Pocket
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2 hours ago by evansthompson
Trump's threat about a wine war with France puzzles the French | US news | The Guardian
A tweet by Donald Trump attacking the French president, Emmanuel Macron, and threatening a wine war with France, has left a sour taste in Paris. via Pocket
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2 hours ago by evansthompson
The Rise and Fall of Turkey Brining - The New York Times
"Mr. Goldwyn is known for cooking meat outdoors over smoke and explaining it all in scientific terms. He likes turkey. He doesn’t like wet-brining. A light sprinkle of salt a day or two ahead offers some advantages, he said, but it’s not necessary.

"The trick, he explained, is to treat the meat the way barbecue pit masters treat pork: Cook it low and slow, so the proteins don’t seize up and squeeze out moisture, then thinly slice the white meat (to an eighth of an inch if you can) and soak it in a jus made with wine, stock and drippings.

"He puts his turkeys in a smoker and lets the drippings fall into a pan filled with vegetables and the wing tips, neck, gizzard and any fat he can trim from the bird, along with some wine and stock. He is adamant that a turkey be cooked on a flat rack, not nestled inside in a roasting pan, to better circulate heat. Then he strains the jus, reduces it and uses it to flavor and moisten the white meat."
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2 hours ago by davewsmith
¿Ya probaste las hamburguesas balcánicas de Balkan Grill?
En Balkan Grill comerás una de las mejores hamburguesas en CDMX. No es la clásica, es pljeskavica, un patillo serbio muy parecido, pero más rico.
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2 hours ago by TomasMartinez
Even Bad Jokes Can Make Good Thanksgiving Wines - The New York Times
“We emphasize that choosing wines for Thanksgiving is not an exercise in pairing. The meal — especially the sort of potluck buffet where guests bring all sorts of family favorites — is too complex and disparate to worry about precision matching.

Instead, we suggest picking versatile wines that go with many different sorts of flavors. And we are wary of wines that are more than 14 percent alcohol.”
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4 hours ago by look

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