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Recipes organized into component parts in food styling photos by Mikkel Jul Hvilshøj
With his flatlay photos on rich matte backgrounds, Hvilshøj creates compositions of raw recipe materials like carrots, star anise, and lemon that seem to suggest that the cookware itself is an essential element in classic Scandinavian food and drink.
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super wonderful films
malaysia based food and liquids specialist
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hello juice
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cake factory
U K based production house for directors , photographers food stylist
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Burger King Dug Up a Bunch of Tweets From People Complaining About Wendy’s and Turned Them Into Ads – Adweek
Now, Burger King has launched its own version of the item and it’s throwing some shade at Wendy’s via social media. The burger chain evidently trolled through tweets from people complaining about not being able to get their hands on nuggets and is running promoted tweets against them so that months-old tweets populate in newsfeeds.
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