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Gluten-free – Igzi
cheap Beretta jerky...other healthy stuff too
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18 hours ago by 3rdparty
The Food Lab | Serious Eats
Unraveling the mysteries of home cooking through science with J. Kenji López-Alt.
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19 hours ago by khaledaboualfa
One of the reasons I’d become interested in the Bessinger story is that it struck me as a small, imperfect test case for how to act in our political moment. Of the many moral issues that have beset Americans since November, one of the most nagging is that of the once beloved relative who appears at the Thanksgiving table spouting contemptible ideas. When something or someone you love troubles your conscience—when your everyday relationships are political acts—do you try to be a moderating force, or are you obligated to make a break entirely?
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19 hours ago by winekitteh
Juicero shows what’s wrong with Silicon Valley thinking
A perfect example of some of the most, er, pressing problems with the venture-capital way of thinking
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20 hours ago by dwight
No, Medieval people didn't drink booze to avoid dirty water
It seems to be common wisdom that Europeans in the Middle Ages drank primarily beer and wine because water wasn't generally safe to drink. This, however, is a rather persistent myth as water was a regular part of the Medieval diet.

Food historian Jim Chevallier examines what he calls "The great Medieval water myth" at his blog Les Leftovers. He cites a handful of modern writers who have specifically examined water in Medieval Europe, including Paolo Squatriti, author of Water and Society in Early Medieval Italy, AD 400-1000, and Steven Solomon, author of Water: The Epic Struggle for Wealth, Power, and Civilization, and looks back at primary sources from the time, which, he says, are always uncritical when they mention the drinking of water.
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22 hours ago by archangel
Medieval Europe: Why was water the most popular drink?
Contrary to what is found all over the Internet on the subject, the most common drink was water, for the obvious reason: It's free. Medieval villages and towns were built around sources of fresh water. This could be fresh running water, a spring or, in many cases, wells. All of these could easily provide fresh, disease- and impurity-free water; the idea that water from these sources would be the causes of disease and so had to be made into ale or beer is fanciful.
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22 hours ago by archangel

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