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McDonald's Szechuan Sauce Is Back. Again. |
McDonald’s originally introduced the limited batch of Szechuan sauce in 1998 to coincide with the release of the Disney film “Mulan.” Last fall, the sauce was referenced by Cartoon Network’s popular Adult Swim show, “Rick and Morty,” leading McDonald’s to briefly rerelease the sauce — and leading to full-on riots when the very limited supply ran out.
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How to Make Your Own Labneh (and How to Eat It)
I first had labneh at a Lebanese restaurant in Tampa, Florida, and I became instantly enthralled. It had the tang of yogurt and the richness of cream cheese, and it caused me to put away pita in a way hummus never could. I then spent many years purchasing it in fancy grocery stores before I realized I could make my own.
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korean braised short ribs – smitten kitchen
In an Instant Pot/electric multicooker: Arrange short rib pieces in a single layer. Pour blended sauce over, and stir to coat. Secure the lid and set the pressure release valve to Sealing. Select the Meat/Stew setting for 35 minutes at high pressure.
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Low carb diets are all the rage. What if that’s wrong? - Vox
"What’s more, one of the promises of the low-carb, high-fat diet is that when people start eating this way, they naturally cut back on calories because they’re more satiated (from the protein and fat in their diet). This study didn’t measure that either, since the participants were forced to stick to strictly measured menus."
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