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Aarne-Thompson-Uther Classification of Folk Tales
"There are many different folk tales in the world, but many tales are variations on a limited number of themes. The classification system originally designed by Aarne, and later revised first by Thompson and later by Uther, is intended to bring out the similarities between tales by grouping variants of the same tale under the same ATU category."
folklore  language  classification 
13 days ago by jwh
A Modern Herbal (Volume 2, I-Z and Indexes): Margaret Grieve: 9780486227993: Books
A Modern Herbal (Volume 2, I-Z and Indexes) [Margaret Grieve] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. <DIV><DIV><P> There is not one page of this enchanting book which does not contain something to interest the common reader as well as the serious student. Regarded simply as a history of flowers
book  toread  herbalism  folklore  ethnobotany  britain  india 
15 days ago by dbassendine
Multilingual Folk Tale Database
Online searching and browsing of the Aarne–Thompson–Uther classification system
culture  folklore  language  worldbuilding  storytelling 
5 weeks ago by dogrover
The Observation Deck » Reflecting on The Soul of a New Machine
Another example of a passage with new relevance pertains to Tom West developing his leadership style on Eagle:

That fall West had put a new term in his vocabulary. It was trust.
“Trust is risk, and risk avoidance is the name of the game in business,” West said once, in praise of trust. He would bind his team with mutual trust, he had decided. When a person signed up to do a job for him, he would in turn trust that person to accomplish it; he wouldn’t break it down into little pieces and make the task small, easy and dull.
folklore  book-reviews 
5 weeks ago by mamapitufo
Bees crop up in the prose & poetry of every language, and even in everyday sayings: we can be as busy as a bee, we make a bee-line for things, we can get a bee in the bonnet and the term bee's knees now famously refers to something fabulous, although originally it referred to something small & insignificant. Below I've begun collecting together all of the folklore, songs & tunes that I can find...
bees  folklore  songs  tunes 
december 2018 by Quercki
John Henry
Nice essay about the historical importance of the folklore song about a Black steel drivin' man
labor  politics  black  africanamerican  johnhenry  folklore  tootme 
december 2018 by nelson
Rhetorical Vision of a Chinese Corporate Hero: A Fantasy Theme Analysis by Zhaoxun Song :: SSRN
Business giants in China today are frequently hailed as corporate heroes. This study conducts a fantasy theme analysis of the heroic stories about Mr. Ni, a wid
china  business  folklore 
december 2018 by dcowhig
Japanese ghost stories dwell in the spirit of their times | Aeon Essays
Those who have left us retain a place in our lives. The question is how we engage with them.
storytelling  mythology  folklore 
november 2018 by dogrover
Like cats and dogs: Animal enemies in fables and folktales -
Folklore  literature  from twitter
november 2018 by rdr

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