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Fold 'N Fly » Paper Airplane Folding Instructions
"A database of paper airplanes with easy to follow folding instructions, video tutorials and printable folding plans. Find the best paper airplanes that fly the furthest and stay aloft the longest."
paper  airplane  folding  origami  craft  kids  howto  reference 
9 days ago by sometimesfood
Marie Kondo For Tech Nerds: All About Folding, But What About Folders?
Netflix’s super-successful Original centering on homekeeper-extraordinarie Marie Kondo has led to waves of people taking to social media to show off neat piles of clothing, or neatly partitioned drawers with impeccably-arranged utensils. But what about us, the tech folk, Miss Marie Kondo? Our massive screens, neverending tangles of cables, wires and connectors, piles of adapters,...

The post Marie Kondo For Tech Nerds: All About Folding, But What About Folders? appeared first on .
Marie  Kondo  For  Tech  Nerds:  All  About  Folding  But  What  Folders? 
23 days ago by vrzone
Here are all of the folding phones we’re expecting in 2019 - The Verge
The foldable phones are coming, and we expect to see models from Samsung, Motorola, Huawei, Xiaomi, LG, Sony, and Oppo. Google is building support for them into Android, and we’ve even seen the first such phone actually make its way to market in China. Here’s how a whole bunch of different manufacturers see the phone and tablet merging.
tablet  screen  phone  folding 
24 days ago by phatblat
Interesting folding cargo trailer design that folds compactly for storage in a garage.
compact  small  form  factor  folding  cargo  trailer 
29 days ago by asteroza
Ingenious Furniture That Will Take Your Home To The Next Level - YouTube
00:08; folding collapsible step stool; hideAway solutions
05:00; house changeable
09:40; bedChill plus; bedTable
folding  collapsible  step  stool  hideAway  solutions  needsEditing  house  changable  bedChill  plus  bedTable 
4 weeks ago by neerajsinghvns
Kelli Anderson - Folding Folder
"Folding Folder
…a folder of pre-scored auxetic folding patterns

This folder contains 8 risographed posters (2 of each design) featuring auxetic folding patterns for maximum folding joy.

These origamic patterns give paper an unusual spring-like behavior: if stretched L/R, they also expand up/down.

Besides offering a pleasingly-stretchy experience, these patterns offer an alternative means by to produce mechanical movements. (For example, in contexts where actual mechanics are impractical because of the scale—like in tiny stints.) The front of each poster includes instructions, as well as information on the functional applications of each fold. The prints are tucked into a custom folder made by Talas book binding supply.

Includes: The Miura-ori fold, Ron Resch's Square Twist, a modified version of the classic Waterbomb pattern, and an experimental Sequent fold"
kellianderson  miuraori  folding  risograph  paper  miurafold  miura  miura-ori 
5 weeks ago by robertogreco

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