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Synchronising Directories with Unison
Unison is free and available as a GUI app for different platforms or as a command line tool
folder  sync  opensource 
6 days ago by nhoizey
A domain-driven Vue.js Architecture
For one of our current Vue apps, we set ourselves a couple of goals that should ideally improve our long-term development performance. This story focuses on the architectural side of things. We’ve…
javascript  folder  structure  vuejs  architecture 
6 days ago by johannesholmberg
Change a folder icon with Powershell - IT Droplets
In this post we'll see how to change a folder icon with Powershell, this method will work on shared folders too (as long as the filesystem allows it.)
powershell  change  folder  icon 
26 days ago by vangoethemstef
How To Use Incron To Monitor Important Files And Folders
Incrontab Configuration
As you may have surmised, using incrontab is similar to using crontab. You would edit your incrontab file with the command incrontab -e. This command will open up the incrontab file for editing. How you use Incron now starts to veer away slightly from Cron. let’s see how.

The format of the incrontab looks like:

<path> <mask> <command>
Let’s break that down.

<path> — This is the path to the directory you want to watch. Do note the Incron is not capable of watching subdirectories. Only files within the path will be monitored. If you need subdirectories monitored, you must give them their own entry.

<mask> — This is one of several options:

IN_ACCESS File was accessed (read)

IN_ATTRIB Metadata changed (permissions, timestamps, extended attributes, etc.)

IN_CLOSE_WRITE File opened for writing was closed

IN_CLOSE_NOWRITE File not opened for writing was closed

IN_CREATE File/directory created in watched directory

IN_DELETE File/directory deleted from watched directory

IN_DELETE_SELF Watched file/directory was itself deleted

IN_MODIFY File was modified

IN_MOVE_SELF Watched file/directory was itself moved

IN_MOVED_FROM File moved out of watched directory

IN_MOVED_TO File moved into watched directory

IN_OPEN File was opened

<command> — This is the command that will run should an event be triggered. In place of a command, you can always use wildcards. The wildcards will report basic information in syslog. The available wildcards are:

$$ Prints a dollar sign

$@ Add the watched filesystem path

$# Add the event-related file name

$% Add the event flags (textually)

$& Add the event flags (numerically)

Let’s set up a simple incrontab, using wildcards, and see how this works. First, let’s assume we’ve added the user olivia into the incron.allow file. We’ll create the folder /home/olivia/TEST and then run the command incrontab -e as user olivia. With the editor open, add the following line:

/home/olivia/TEST IN_MODIFY echo "$$ $@ $# $% $&"
linux  monitor  file  folder  incron  operator  command 
4 weeks ago by iteruel
Project Manager - Visual Studio Marketplace
Extension for Visual Studio Code - Easily switch between projects
vscode  project  workspace  extension  git  folder  multi-root  plugin  vscode-plugins 
6 weeks ago by vonc
windows - NTFS performance and large volumes of files and directories - Stack Overflow
so fragmented folder indexes and excessive name similarity causing short name collisions will drag you down
NTFS  file  system  performance  tuning  folder  index  8.3  short  name  sysadmin  tips  tricks 
6 weeks ago by asteroza

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