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Britain’s forgotten prisoners? The ‘mental torture’ of IPP sentences ~ The Overtake [beta]
To illustrate the backlog that prisoners who have served their time are fighting against, in 2017 the Yorkshire Post found 213 prisoners in Yorkshire had served their tariff. This prompted MPs including shadow justice secretary Richard Burgon to insist on an “urgent review” of the system. Two years on, we found that number had only marginally dropped to 201.
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18 days ago by paulbradshaw
Premier League doping tests drop by 10% in first decrease since records began | inews
Figures obtained by a Freedom of Information request show that UK Anti-Doping (Ukad), who carry out testing on behalf of the Football Association, conducted 1,770 tests on top-flight players in the 2018-19 season, down from the 1,923 tests of the same period the year before.
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4 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
Highbury College principal's £150k expenses revealed
Mbubaegbu also travelled in luxury cars, including a Cadillac and “executive chauffeurs” and spent £434 on a pair of headphones.

It comes at a time of redundancies at the college, in Portsmouth, which axed its sixth form two months ago, amid deteriorating finances and its Ofsted grade plunging from ‘outstanding’ to ‘requires improvement’. The last time staff got a pay rise was in January 2013.

Department for Education minister Lord Agnew, who oversees the FE Commissioner, said he and education secretary Gavin Williamson were “deeply concerned by these revelations”.
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5 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
Child, four, among pupils taking weapons to school - BBC News
More than a thousand children were caught with weapons in school last year, according to a survey of 29 police forces in England and Wales.

The weapons included knives, blades, knuckledusters and a Taser stun gun, the Press Association survey found.
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8 weeks ago by paulbradshaw
New emergency services attack law 'not a deterrent' - BBC News
Thirty-four out of 43 police forces responded to a BBC Freedom of Information request asking how many arrests there had been under the Assaults on Emergency Workers (Offences) Act 2018.

Figures revealed a total of 6,663 arrests between last November and May of this year.
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july 2019 by paulbradshaw
Introducing the Government Data Graveyard: the numbers we've stopped measuring
But I already know about more than 90 datasets cut by local authorities since 2010. These fall into three broad categories:

Data about funding schemes that were expiring, or cut by the coalition government
Data that was no longer needed because it was collected elsewhere
Datasets that look useful, but might have revealed unpalatable things about the consequence of austerity.
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july 2019 by paulbradshaw
Stranded at the airport: hundreds of disabled travellers miss flights | The Northern Echo
Late passengers and those who insisted on duty-free shopping also contributed to Civil Aviation Authority figures released under the Freedom of Information Act and analysed by Newsquest’s Data Investigations Unit.

Airports and airlines are legally obliged to provide free help and assistance to travellers with disabilities or reduced mobility, with most airports contracting companies to provide the service.
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july 2019 by paulbradshaw
Overheid gebruikt op grote schaal voorspellende algoritmes, 'risico op discriminatie' | NOS
The government uses predictive algorithms on a large scale. This is evidenced by a confidential inventory of 54 government bodies that the NOS has obtained on the basis of the Government Information (Public Access) Act.
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july 2019 by paulbradshaw
AI deployments on the rise as NHS invests in technology to deliver improved patient experience
Three quarters of NHS trusts are still reliant on pen and paper to complete clinical documentation. Although high, this figure is down from 93% in 2017
One in four trusts are currently implementing some form of speech recognition to reduce the burden of clinical documentation on healthcare staff
The cost of secretarial support to complete clinical documentation is still high, with one trust spending £140,000 last year on agency secretarial support for patient records.
Only one in five trusts reported they had deployed artificial intelligence
Despite this, double that figure (38%) are considering it, with a further 8% planning on deployments in the next 12 months
ai  health  foieg 
june 2019 by paulbradshaw
Are too many Army officers privately educated? - BBC News
A Freedom of Information request has revealed 49% of those who entered the Royal Military Academy at Sandhurst in January came from fee-paying schools.

The Sutton Trust, which aims to improve social mobility, said those at the top of the armed forces were seven times more likely to go to private schools.
foieg  diversity  mod  army 
june 2019 by paulbradshaw
Hundreds of special needs pupils 'squeezed' out of school - BBC News
Local authorities do not routinely publish data but a series of Freedom of Information requests made over the past six months show 1,580 children with education and health care plans (EHCPs), which used to be called statements of special educational needs, have no education provision.
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june 2019 by paulbradshaw
Removal of homeless camps trebles as charities warn of ‘out of control’ crisis | Homelessness | The Guardian
Separate figures obtained by the Guardian show complaints to councils about homeless encampments have shot up 448% in five years, from 277 in 2014 to 1,241 in 2018, rising year on year, with big increases in 2016 and 2017. On Sunday, a woman in her 30s was found dead in a homeless encampment in Leeds city centre.
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june 2019 by paulbradshaw
Nice example of FOI in research: Coca-Cola Can Bury Adverse Findings from Health Research It Funds
The study is based on Coca-Cola research contacts obtained via Freedom of Information requests by U.S. Right to Know, a nonprofit consumer and public health research group.  From 2015 through 2018, U.S. Right to Know (USRTK) filed 129 FOI requests in the United States, Australia, Britain, Canada and Denmark, seeking documents about Coca-Cola or allied groups, or other aspects of the food industry.  These FOI requests turned up 87,013 pages, including five agreements for Coca-Cola funded research, which were then analyzed.
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may 2019 by paulbradshaw

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