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play and record, held down together - morphosyntactic - Bandom [Archive of Our Own]
High school AU. Mikey Way likes keeping his head down and blending into the background at school. Then Frank signs the two of them up to do the school's weekly radio show, and keeping his head down gets more difficult, especially when he keeps running into senior soccer star Pete Wentz everywhere he goes.
fic  bandom  mikey/pete  au  au:highschool  fob  mcr 
5 weeks ago by sequat
Sometimes (We Take Chances) - brooklinegirl - My Chemical Romance [Archive of Our Own]
Early on in the Summer of Like. All-night bus trips, and Pete is so into Mikey he can't even stand it.
fic  bandom  pete/mikey  mcr  fob 
5 weeks ago by sequat
Key Organizer, Multi-Tool & Smart Tech ALL-IN-ONE | Keyport
Key Organizer + Multi-Tool + Smart Home Fob + Lost & Found - Build your own fully customizable access device with the ultimate modular everyday carry system
cutstom  key  tool  fob  pocket  Top_10  favorite 
june 2019 by kpieper876
| incident has again highlighted gaping holes in governance of Mumbai & other megapolises in Ind…
UrbanFutures  FoB  from twitter_favs
july 2018 by schee
Home – 3db Technologies GmbH
Apparently the UWB folks are FINALLY getting around to baking in ranging, using 64GHz timestamp counters (nanosecond?) for 10cm accuracy. Likely to be used for keyless entry fobs for cars starting in 2019
UWB  802.15.4  distance  bounding  ranging  localization  chip  keyless  entry  fob  electronics  devices  hardware 
july 2018 by asteroza

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