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457 Plan
There are two types of 457 plans:

A 457(b): This is the most common 457 plan and offered to state and local government employees
A 457(f): A plan offered to highly compensated government and select non-government employees. (To learn more about lesser known retirement plans, see: 5 Lesser-Known Retirement Plans and Benefit Plans.)
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Bitcoin turns 10-years old
On October 31, 2008 bitcoin was born — and in the past ten years has evolved from an anti-establishment hobby among coders to a household name on Wall Street.
2018  October  fn  bitcoin 
october 2018 by jmbond
Do's, Don'ts for Using College Savings Withdrawals | Paying for College | US News
There are three ways to withdraw from a 529 account: a direct distribution to the account owner, a distribution to the beneficiary or a distribution to the school. From a tax-reporting perspective, having the money sent directly to the school may be the cleanest.
2018  October  fn  529 
october 2018 by jmbond
Don't Use 529 Plan Money for These 6 College Expenses | Student Loan Hero
When you’re using your 529 money to pay for college costs, keep a record of all your purchases. When tax season arrives, you’ll need receipts to back up your claims.

Avoid putting 529 qualified expenses on the same transaction with ineligible costs. If you’re buying groceries for the week, don’t toss shampoo and soap on the same transaction as your food purchases.

While it may seem awkward to divide your purchases and complete two transactions, it could make record-keeping easier. And, you’re less likely to draw the attention of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) when you prepare your taxes.

Your 529 plan is a great resource for helping you pay for college and reducing your need for student loans. But, it’s not a free-for-all. By planning ahead and knowing which expenses are eligible you can stay within all guidelines listed without issue.
2018  October  fn  529  college 
october 2018 by jmbond
Ansuzalgiz/B90: FN P90 inspired BOOMco. flywheel blaster
The goal of the B90 project is to make a FN P90 inspired electric flywheel BOOMco. blaster. The P90 magazine mechanism is used to fit a large ammo capacity in a compact form factor.
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october 2018 by 44sunsets

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